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Traditional RPG :), What your First RPG that got you hook into RPG?
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Posted 5/31/15
Final Fantasy X. I remember previously playing a little bit of many other RPGs like FFVII and Chrono Trigger, but cmon I was like 7 and I already had a thing about graphics. Played FFX a few years after it came out (maybe like 2005). I would have said my first RPGs were Chrono Trigger and FFVII but I mean, look at my age, I don't wanna be that guy that said his first RPGs were FFVII and Chrono Trigger and sound like he somehow fits into the same gaming generation.
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Posted 6/1/15
Tibia lool.
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Posted 6/1/15 , edited 6/1/15
So I saw an episode of Pokemon when I was like 6 or 7, and I saw Charmander and was awe-struck at the concept of a fire bending lizard so I pestered my mother to get me a Game Boy Color with Pokemon Red. My cousins were bastards and told me that the Rock Tunnel was impossible to beat unless I had level 30 pokemon, and I was gullible enough to believe them. I gave up because grinding is not fun, but still liked all the N64 Pokemon games. Eventually I got Pokemon Silver and beat it from start to end and loved it very much. It cemented my love for the Pokemon franchise.

The next RPG that caught my attention was Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door for the Gamecube. The action commands made the turn based game even more appealing. I started getting into RPGs by this point as a genre; mostly RPGs that were either stylistically attractive in design (Earthbound, with its quirky dialogue and weird atmosphere, for example) or mechanically interesting (Golden Sun with the Djinn system). I really enjoyed when these two aspects came together: Tales of Symphonia had an anime-esque plot and art style mixed with action elements and Chrono Trigger had a great story and space and time depending batle mechanics. I think this is what put me off when trying to get into the Final Fantasy series. Got III for the DS and felt it was too bare bones, grind-heavy and boring. Tried again with VI, and while I enjoyed the story and the Espers were an interesting mechanic, it failed to live up to my expectations of the genre.

Short answer: I lieked Pokemon, and then got into the genre by titles that used creative gameplay or appealing aesthetics.
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Posted 6/2/15 , edited 6/2/15
Pokemon Blue was my first.
Secret of Mana was what got me hooked on RPGs.
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Posted 6/3/15
Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
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Posted 6/3/15
FF6 for SNES. Played that game so much, I think I wore out the cartridge and caused it to malfunction. It was awesome though, it kept glitching and giving me infinite copies of all items including Excalibur and Genji stuff. Shadow had an endless supply of legendary weapons to throw xD
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Posted 6/4/15
Sorry, I've gotta be that guy, my first RPG was Final Fantasy VII. I was 11 years old when it came out. My playing time previously consisted of Soul Blade, Destruction Derby and Apocalypse (Starring Bruce Willis).
I didn't know games like this existed. It blew my mind.
FFVII was the first game that I binge played because I wanted to know how the story progressed.
Yes it's a cliché but it is also the game which helped me through some tough years and I will always look back at those hours spent grinding with a smile on my face.
Please don't hate, this is just my opinion, Im not saying it's the best RPG, for me it's the most special.
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Posted 1/15/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads locked
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