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Posted 5/27/15 , edited 5/27/15
By: Koda89 & battlewaitress

Many anime viewers like to adhere to a general rule of thumb when helping them decide what shows to watch, given the sheer number of anime to watch at any given time. The most often used method is the three episode rule or test, where the viewer gives them up to three episodes to present their case as to why one should be watching. Personally speaking I find such a method to be a flawed process, as many shows don't even hit their true stride until four or more episodes in. PUNCH LINE is one of those that would easily fail this test, yet is a show very much worth watching.

PUNCH LINE follows a young man named Yuta Iridatsu who has a rather strange superpower. Whenever Yuta sees panties, he essentially goes Super Saiyan. Yuta nearly drowns following the foiling of a bus hijacking by the QMay terrorist group. After being pulled from the water, Yuta's soul is forced out of his body by another spirit. Now Yuta is essentially a ghost and begins training in the ghostly arts under the guidance of a spirit cat named Chiranosuke. There's just one problem; Yuta may have lost his body, but he still retains his superpower, only now whenever it activates, a meteor will crash into Earth, killing every human on the plant. Luckily for Yuta and everyone else, in his spirit form he has the ability to go back in time, giving him the ability to undo his actions.

However things aren't as they seem, as multiple mysteries surround Yuta and everyone else in his life. And this is the very reason PUNCH LINE would fail the often used three episode rule, because the first several episodes seem like they are going nowhere, just loosely connected whacky hijinks episodes that leaves one wondering what the real plot, if there is one, actually is. Those concerns are then suddenly silenced with episodes 5 and 6, as the real story, and the real mystery at the heart of the series, finally starts to rear its head. Of course, this kind of progression and especially this particular kind of revelation is not all that new to anyone who has played the video games written by PUNCH LINE's writer, Kotaro Uchikoshi. Uchikoshi is probably best known for the Zero Escape games, the much loved 999 and Virtue's Last Reward.

That's not to say the first four or so episodes were not entertaining, they did enough things right to keep me engaged, and it appears that they will serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things. Granted they are still weaker episodes compared to the two episodes that really got things going, but nevertheless, PUNCH LINE is a show that is paying off its patient viewers with something that is proving to be vastly more clever than what it originally presented itself to be. So what do you think, battlewaitress?

Can't have PUNCH LINE without some panties! You know, Koda, I have to agree with you about the episode progression. I'll admit for me personally, it probably wouldn't have passed the three episode test, if I hadn't pushed on and seen what else it had to offer. I'm glad I continued, though, because I think episode seven was the strongest one so far.

PUNCH LINE is complicated, and I think the main reason for that is that it has a hard time deciding what it wants to be. The first four episodes give almost no indication that this show is more than ecchi pandering, save for a few hints dropped here and there. It isn't until episode five, as Koda said above, that the show really starts blossoming and showing its true potential.

You can get an idea of that fact from the opening, if you look past all the panty shots and ignore how chipper it all is, (did they just say 'why not look up my panty line???' THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY I WOULDN'T--), and see the shots of the different rebels groups attempting to save, destroy, or otherwise push the world in a specific direction.

I'm telling you to watch a show about panties and ignore the fact that it's about panties. Complicated, I know, but I'm actually sincere about it. Not that it's terrible all the time (hell, if you like panty shots and all that, it's a super added bonus). The girls are all ridiculously adorable, and it was their saving grace, and the animation, that managed to push me to continue watching.

I think PUNCH LINE had a slow start, but it's finally finding its place. There was a revelation in episode six and seven about Yuta's character that added another layer of depth and made the story all the more interesting for me. If you give it a chance, it has something everyone can like! Including, but not limited to: magical girl-esque superheroes, robots, time-travel, supernatural elements, and of course, panties. It's certainly a show that lives up to its name.

You can catch PUNCH LINE on Thursdays, at 2:30 EDT!

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Posted 5/30/15 , edited 5/30/15
While episodes 5 and 6 were pretty good, I'm sorry to say that I found episodes 7 and 8 downright boring. I almost dropped the show after 3-4 episodes, and now I wish that I had. But with 8 episodes watched I'll probably stick it out to the end.
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Posted 6/1/15 , edited 6/1/15
I might check out Punch Line later on this year.
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