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By: moonhawk81

Re-Kan! (translated as Sixth Sense!) follows high school student Hibiki Amami as she tries to balance between the denizens of two worlds--the normal and the paranormal. Amami sees and communicates with spirits of the deceased, a gift which she inherited from her mother. Their near-constant attentions, however, tend to complicate Amami's everyday life, and often drag her (living) friends into situations involving the ghosts. Re-Kan! is serialized as an ongoing manga in Houbunsha's Manga Time Jumbo magazine, while the anime (from studio Pierrot+) simulcasts on Saturdays at 10:30am PDT.

So, Amami sees dead people, eh? Boy, does she! And they see her, too, and are usually quite excited to find someone who is able to speak with them and for them. After all, ghosts are generally considered to linger because of either strong emotional attachments, particularly to other people, or due to a life cut short and therefore unfulfilled. Imagine being in such a position: able to see those whom you love but unable to interact with them, cut out of their lives behind the one-way mirror of death. (As if initially realizing that you're dead weren't already traumatic enough!) How agonizing, how maddening must that separation be? Then imagine finding someone like Amami, actually able and willing to help. Is it any wonder that spirits adore and protect her, sometimes even extending that concern to her friends?

This isn't the first series about someone interacting with the deceased. Hardly that. But Amami's character makes all the difference! She recognizes her unique position without fearing it, and tries to act compassionately towards all involved, living and dead. Amami accepts the spirits as they are, without worrying them about "passing on" or "crossing over." She is understanding enough to realize that such a judgmental viewpoint is actually at odds with her role. Indeed, she plays with children, visits the elderly, feeds the hungry--all of them already deceased, but still attached to this life. And Amami's friends are just as understanding as is she, in their own ways. Although they joke with each other about ghosts and such, they are quick to defend and protect Amami, and often do whatever they can to help her as she helps her spirit friends. They quickly discover that using the cameras on their cell phones makes the ghosts visible, and often use this method to keep up with what Amami is doing at any given moment.

When I first began watching Re-Kan!, I considered it something of a light but aware take on what for many is a fringe subject area. It was fun and funny, effortlessly engaging. And while it has remained fun and funny, I am pleased and amazed at how deep this show can be. The sensitivity displayed by its protagonist Amami, complemented by the steadfast support of her father and friends, is endearing and instructive. As evidenced by the traditions of Halloween (Samhain), we in the West were once much more aware and inviting of the continuing presence of our dead. That so much of the rest of the world has never lost that awareness is worth considering. And we couldn't have asked for a kinder, more patient messenger and guide.
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Let us not forget the BEAUTIFUL YURI!!! <3 <3 <3
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Indeed, and on two different fronts, no less!
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