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Seriously, why didn't I watch this sooner???
Posted 5/27/15

I heard so much about it when I first got into anime, but it took me a long while before I actually sat down and watched the whole thing.

The show is a freakin' masterpiece. Wish I would have watched it so much sooner - like when I first started watching anime. It blew me away watching it later, I can only imagine how amazed it would have left me back then.
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Posted 5/27/15

This was also one of mine. I had read the manga, but was clueless that there was an anime, so though I knew the story, it was nonetheless a wonderful discovery - besides, when I stumbled across the manga and started reading it, I got totally consumed by it and couldn't stop reading - I imagine the same thing would have happened had I seen the anime first.

Grauger wrote:

Hunter x Hunter

I dismissed it for awhile but it wasn't until my friend told me to watch it that I went through over 100 episodes of it in a few days just to catch up.

I did the exact same thing. My friend pestered me for months to watch it, and I was all mehhh.... and then finished the whole series in ~ two weeks . Oh, and, I may have rewatched it as well (though a wee bit more slowly)
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