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Post Reply People Who Believe in Pure Evil May Support Harsher Punishment
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Posted 5/29/15 , edited 5/29/15

AiYumega wrote:

Saucier is following up both studies by looking at how people who believe in pure evil and people who believe in pure good would punish the leaders of the Islamic State group.

I do believe that

Many of these people have been indoctrinated thoroughly and there is pretty much no chance of rehabilitating them. It would be like trying to reason with an avalanche. If they pose a very real deadly threat to lots of people and have extensive connections with more murderers and have already killed a bunch of people, they can't be allowed to live. Or, at least, there should be pretty much NO CHANCE of them getting back out or otherwise communicating with their network or going back to their old ways. I'm no believer of pure evil or pure good but let's be realistic here. Their beliefs and actions are far too incompatible with what we hold to be civilized society where people can live in peace without being in constant fear of being slain or attacked. Even people who have been imprisoned can leak information to the outside world. Escape is rare but possible as well. Sometimes (usually), defending your people and yourself is more important than taking the moral high ground. You can't do anything if you're dead. This is less about punishment for crime than about taking necessary precautions against an obvious danger.
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Posted 5/29/15
There is no such thing as pure evil, there is good and bad actions.
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