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Posted 5/28/15 , edited 5/28/15
I have ordered many things from the Crunchyroll store, and 90% of the time I am happy with the product and the delivery. However, this isn't the case with figures that I've pre-ordered. My first was a Kirito figma that was set for estimated delivery roughly around Jan. 31, 2015, but it didn't show up till roughly Mar. 18, 2015. I purchased that one at the beginning of October. The last two of my pre-orders are STILL showing "estimated delivery 1-2 weeks" but it's been that way for over a month on both of them. My Sinon figma was supposed to be delivered Mar. 31, 2015, was told it got pushed back to May 31, 2015 "but could ship sooner"; it's the 28th and I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation, therefore leading me to believe I won't be receiving it till sometime after June 1, 2015. My third figure, Asuna figma rerelease, was supposed to be delivered roughly around April 31, 2015 and I haven't heard a word about that one either; I'm guessing it will also show up between 1 1/2 to 2 months late, at best. Every time I've contacted Crunchyroll about my pre-order status I get a generic reply that's always the same, and has no real substance to it.

So, my question is this: If every pre-order is pushed back 1 1/2 to 2 or 3 months, why is the original estimated delivery date not indicative of the true delivery? I mean, it stands to evidence that every single figure I've pre-ordered has had its delivery pushed back over a month. Why not tell people that upfront? The wait periods are already excessively long, and I understand a lot of that has to do with the supplier; but when I see people posting on Reddit and other blogs that they've already received the same figure from pre-order that I'm waiting on, it's kind of a kick in the tackle box. These are two examples from the last month or two, when my Sinon was originally supposed to be delivered...
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Posted 5/29/15 , edited 5/30/15
Hes got a point
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Posted 5/30/15 , edited 5/30/15
There are a few reasons why our delivery estimates may be off:

- the maker has delayed production or run into problems during production
- the ships transporting our goods are delayed at the ports or at sea (adverse weather conditions, port worker strikes, etc.)
- clearance at departure or arrival ports suffers delays

For example, during the recent port worker strike on the US West Coast, several of our deliveries from the makers got stuck on the Pacific, unable to unload and in a major queue, for several days. Knowing this, some of the makers we work with held back shipping out new orders by ship until the port strike was resolved, which threw off most of our initial estimates by weeks, if not months.

We attempt give you guys feedback whenever we have news about the situation of our shipments, but in most cases the only thing we'll be able to tell you is "It's on a ship, somewhere in the Pacific." Sorry about that.
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