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Posted 5/28/15 , edited 5/28/15
While watching an episode using my Chromecast with the Crunchyroll app for Android it's amazing. However whenever I go to pause or rewind the two devices get out of sync, ie: the time in the episode that is displayed on my phone is different than was is being shown on the Chromecast. The problem with this is that what the phone says takes priority over where the Chromecast is at. This means that if I'm at 16 minuets and 41 seconds into an episode of School Days and I want to rewind to witness the unmatched quality of that implied sex scene again I will be pushed back to a random time before that because my phone says I'm at like 10 minuets. It also happens when I pause, like if I want to contemplate the meaning behind Itou's actions and I pause to do so, when I resume I will be pushed back to a random time before I paused. Any suggestions?


TLDR: My Chromecast gets out of sync with the Android app. The time that my phone shows is different than the actual time that the Chromecast says. Whenever I pause or rewind, my phone will revert to where it thinks I'm at and resume or rewind from there.
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