I have a Problem! This is about live Drama not anime.
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As I"m older, things are easy to forget, that is what has brought this about. All of these were on Crunchyroll in the past.

Korean Drama involving a couple of Doctor's. the first episode starts off with them fighting and the woman get bent and ends up in a car accident that puts her in a coma. He become distraught, because he's sure she'll die. Someone steals and article from his office and he ends up unthinkingly jump off the top story for it and ends up in the past. Whats the title of that show.

A show I think that was about a Women who in the beginning ends up as a servant or Conqubine in the palace, who will eventually become a Doctor. This was a very long shows I think is was Chinese but unsure.

The following is two shows kinda about the same thing. One a great comedy the one about the woman is more serious, but they both involve a Myth about being able to live in a host body for a short time, When you've wrongfully died. The one was about a father who dies before he can fulfill a promise and its frustratingly funnier then all get out. The female actually gets her life back but only to finish what she wished to do and suddenly dies at the end.

Any help with the names of these shows would be greatly received.
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I don't know the first one but I've seen the second.....long enough ago to not remember it. I'll keep looking around tho.
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