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24 / M / West South Central
Posted 5/28/15
In this game you will list 4 facts about yourself. Then only someone that shares one of those facts in common can post what that shared fact is and then their four facts about themselves, and so on and so forth.

For example:

The first post-
1. I am a student.
2. I like food.
3. My favorite book is Crime and Punishment.
4. I am the last male in my family that has my last name.

The next post-
Oh! I too like food!

1. I like to run.
2. I have been to 14 states.
3. My favorite color is red.
4. I almost died on the operating table last winter.

And so on and so forth.

Remember. You can only post if you share a common personal fact. Let us know what that fact is, and then post your four facts.

Allow me to start us off.


1. I have been feeling very sleepy today.
2. I like to read a lot.
3. I have some sort of obsession with k-pop.
4. I am a vegetarian.
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23 / M / AZ
Posted 5/28/15 , edited 5/28/15
I'm also obsessed with k-pop. I listen to it while doing chores

1. I'm Mexican
2. I like sushi
3. I have never seen Naruto
4. I don't like beer
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21 / F / Wonderland
Posted 5/28/15
Sushi is bomb af
1.I'm a culinary student
2. Going to Anime Expo 2015
3. I own a cat
4. I love gummy worms
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 6/30/16
i went to Anime Expo 2015 too

1. i hate cats
2. i hate going to the zoo
3. i don't drink tea coffee alcohol
4. i think amsterdam is the prettiest country to live in.
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