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Posted 5/28/15
Hi Guys,

First of all, just wanted to say thanks and really enjoying the show. I did want to ask if there was a dedicated page for it somewhere or if there’s a schedule for release. I’d stumbled upon 1-4 and downloaded them and then it seems like only a week or 2 later I saw a post for 7 and got the rest (as of today, I’ve only listened through 6). I don’t have iTunes, so there’s nothing like that I can subscribe to.

I guess my main question/comment is regarding Kill la Kill. I think it was around episode 4 or 5 where the subject of your top anime series came up and Kill la Kill was mentioned a few times. I think it's also been brought up a few times in other episodes when asked regarding a good anime. I came in pretty late to the Kill la Kill party having just watched the whole thing about 2 months ago, and honestly came away pretty "meh" from the whole experience. I'd seen it a lot in my twitter feed while it was airing, as well as seeing the posts on Random Curiosity and other places, so it was always on my radar, and pretty built up. Having seen it, I felt pretty let down. Now, obviously I know opinions are subjective, but I guess I can’t understand the hype around it. I know it was made by the same guys as Gurren Lagann, but Gurren just seems like a better show. It has the same over the top comedy moments as Kill, but it throws in gut-punch moments as well. And the action in Gurren was obviously very similar to Kill, but there was always a sense of escalation (for those that haven’t seen in, I won’t go into more details than that), whereas I never got that feeling from Kill. Just constantly felt like it was the same fight over and over. Also, I don’t think either one had that great of a story, but Gurren just seemed like it was slightly better, if also more epic in nature. I guess I’d like to understand all the love for what feels like an inferior product compared to its predecessor.

On a separate note, you guys had asked about the anime experience growing up outside the US. I grew up in Mexico, where certain series really hit it off. I don’t recall much of the 80s since I was still pretty young there, but I do know my first anime experience was with Saint Seiya (Caballeros del Zodiaco in Mexico). I think I was in 3rd grade when it came over. It was pretty popular with kids since it can be a pretty violent show. It had maimings, stabbings, multiple character deaths, etc., and as far as I recall, they weren’t censored (or very lightly). I never saw it, but I remember some of the girls in my class watching Sailor Moon when I was in 5th or 6th grade I believe. The big one was obviously Dragonball which was hugely popular when I got to 7th grade. Pretty sure there wasn’t a boy in class that didn’t watch it (I think some girls did too, but the majority didn’t). Once again, I think there was little to no censorship around the show, since the big talk on the playground was the fight scenes and how gruesome some of them were. Around the same time we also got Ranma which I enjoyed, but I don’t think was a huge hit. I think some kids saw it as it aired after Dragonball, but it never caught on as well. After that (at least for me) it felt like there was a lull in stuff brought over. I’m sure I recall seeing other shows that they’d tried to bring over, but none were as memorable or caught on as much. I don’t think I ever saw any of the shows on sale in Mexico at the time (though I know they have come out on DVD since). And I’m honestly not sure what the state of fansubs or video rentals at the time was. I don’t many companies in Mexico had the resources at the time to bring stuff over. All of these I mentioned aired on a single channel that had like a cartoon hour around 8PM.

I pretty much didn’t watch anime at all in during high school and didn’t start up again until my sophomore year in college in the US. It was actually some of my Asian friends in college that got me into it again. One of them recommended GTO and that pretty much got me hooked (I still consider GTO my favorite anime of all time). Now it’s 8 years later (and hundreds of series later) and I’m goin strong
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Posted 6/25/15
kill lakill is sure, a calmer show but i wonder if it doesnt go deeper than that. i mean 'men' are known to be loud and dumb(mostly the action and plot and plans and the overall feel of gurren) while women are supposed to be crazy(killlakill seems crazier than GUrren) and materialists/appearance focused (clothes are the very fabric of this series).
once you go there, add to that the frantic animation of FLCL school of thought...

i enjoyed KLK more than GL because of how deep it went:some might say the step from girl to woman is how you get past your embarassment of wearing revealing to VERY revealing clothes. remember how the heroin embraced her nuditidy to get the full potential of her cloth powers?

i like how the strongest of the 2 main characters had to overcome the obstacle of the over reaching all powerful matron of a mother who owned everything(uniforms, school, town,even her body ...)

one of the best things i find not visited enough is both girls at a very young age. one was a sukeban the other an 'aniki'. so cool. SO COOL.
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