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Posted 5/29/15 , edited 5/29/15
Note: Do not look at all the negative reviews on Steam right now, I tell you this because I have played Red Crucible for a long time- ever since it was a web-browser Unity Based engine game. This game has died down over 5 thousand players due to this game's official release, the negative reviews you will continue to see is the old RC2 players who is no longer supporting RGS because of the discontinue of RC2- as you will also see that the review has only less than an hour before written.

This game is not a pay-to-win kind of game, you can use Honor points to upgrade weapons, you can save up the honor points to buy Premium weapons- and most significantly the only thing you might buy in coins are the Store Demolitions, 1 Store Sniper, 1 Store Assault Rifle, and the Special War Chest where you get a chance to earn Platinum guns or Collectibles. You will have a chance to win up to 100 coins each 7 logins, but if you truly love the game you can start supporting it by buying coins and start buying bundles and deals.

The only down fall I can find in this game is that the support team usually only reply in 2-3 Business days, do forgive them, there team is very small as it can only feed a limited amount of mouths, and once in a while the standalone can crash- as do all games, I may also put it out there that it is still in development you will see bugs and it will be fix.

Go on Steam and check out the game- play for an Hour and if you like what you see please write an Honest review, I'm trying to see more players in this game that has died out so much.
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