Just finished SAO, what next?
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Posted 5/30/15
So, having just finished watching the first season of Sword Art Online, I'm sorta lost on what to watch next. Here's a link to my anime list - http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Kaitsja - so you can get an indication of what I like. I have no plans to watch the second season of Sword Art Online as getting through the first season was difficult enough with the second arc being so incredibly average. Anyway, I really enjoy RomComs, Harems, Ecchi (No Loli please), and Shounens. I'm generally willing to watch anything so long as it's got a good story to it.

I appreciate the help.
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Posted 5/30/15
I didn't notice any of these on your list, but forgive me if I missed something. All of these are solid, and seem in line with the kinds of things you enjoy:

Action/Ecchi/Harem shows:
Familiar of Zero (last season is on CR; rest is on Hulu)
A Certain Magical Index
Trinity Seven
Dragonar Academy

Ecchi RomComs
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Mysterious Girlfriend X
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
Devil is a Part-Timer

Shounen Action:
Gargantia of the Verderous Planet
Eureka Seven
Steins; Gate (more conspiracy/thriller than action, but a great sci-fi story)
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Posted 5/30/15
Ookami and her 7 companions
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Posted 1/22/17
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