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If you use Adblock you're stealing
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Posted 6/7/15
I love adblock debates. basically adblock is a response from the community that the ad's are unwanted and obtrusive. Or its from people that do not care and do not want to contribute payment in any form for content. In the end blocking ad's means content is not being paid for and thus eventually "free" content for viewing ad's will go away and we will have to pay subscriptions for everything we want to view.

I personally do not use ad block, if a site annoys me enough I stop going there thus voting with my dollars. At the same time I'm not going to tell people not to use adblock, if a site wants to they can make it so those people get nothing, so choosing to complain but do nothing about it is their business choice.
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/7/15
Why is this topic still going on?? Even if you use adblock, the ads are still there. It's just out of our sight. They still get money. So no, we are not "stealing" by using adblock. So this topic is pointless.
Some sites might say to turn it off/restrict you from it just so they can get even more money by you clicking on them.
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Posted 6/7/15 , edited 4/28/16
Well, this discussion certainly went downhill. Closed.
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