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Posted 6/2/15 , edited 6/3/15
Many anime fall into this category, slice of life, comedy, sometimes romance, that kind of thing. But that is not what I want to focus on. I want to talk about the shows that belong to, in a general sense, more serious genres, fantasy, horror or more mature things. I don't think anyone can deny that there are shows that are that kind of mindless entertainment, nothing special or thought provoking just good old fun to sit back, turn off your brain and watch. 'Whats to talk about then?' Well honestly there shouldn't be anything but I also see these shows getting ridiculed by some and absolutely loved by others, the most recent example, to me anyway, is Akame ga Kill.

This show was praised by some and called childish and backwards by others. Personally I'll never get over that hilariously bad ending, but that's for another day. I feel this to be a prime example of a show that really didn't have an all too serious plot being taken too seriously.

This show have a pretty over the top story with very little unique about it, super weapons from an ancient time, evil emperor, cool assassin group that tries to overthrow the government. Pretty standard recipe if I'm honest, but does that make it bad? Frankly, no. Just because the story isn't special or outstanding doesn't make a show bad or lesser, at the end of the day what matters is this: Was it entertaining to ME?

If a show is, then great! You found a show that you like, if not, oh well, move on to the next one. I'm sure that many things come to mind in the category of Entertainment Fodder, I'm staring at you Lucky Star. But still, these shows bring a valuable and important thing to the table. If we didn't have shows like this, what would we do on those nights when were sick in bed? When we want to hang with some friends? Or just relax after a bad day?

I know when I'm sick I don't want to think about how twisted humans can be by watching Death Parade, or how seemingly twisted a being that only observes humans as just another animal that has nothing special about it is with Parasyte the Maxim. When school sucked for a day, I'm more than happy to climb into bed and watch some over the top action in Akame ga Kill, or question the moe genre's existence with ANYTHING in that category. Basically what I'm trying to say is Entertainment Fodder has its place and is an integral part of the anime community so keep that in mind the next time you talk about some of the sillier shows out there.
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