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Posted 4/26/16

Swaggercandy wrote:

Damn Kurumi a savage

Lol, they are surviving in a zombie apocalypse; they are ALL savages by default.
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Posted 4/26/16
So basically, shovel > crowbar?
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Posted 4/26/16 , edited 4/28/16

TripleBakaKimidori wrote:

So basically, shovel > crowbar?

Shovel-Kun is hurt by just being called a shovel XD
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Posted 4/28/16 , edited 4/28/16
The day the worst case scenario happens to kurumi is the day i insert my head into this desk
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Posted 5/26/16
CHP 47 Policy

A Backstory about the Outcast group.( Melee Fight Club) with the guy who attacked Kurumi and Ayaka.

I have some ( incomplete infro ) about the good / bad factions @ St. Isidore University

Fallen Crew ( Good Group )

Athe time of the outbreak, everything was out of control and students would attack each other. To prevent this, the Melee Fight Crew was created. Interestingly enough, the Melee Fight Crew had strict rules, rules that Hikako Kirai, Aki Hikarizato, and Touko Dekuchi didn't like following. Thus the three girls departed and reformed into Fallen Crew (or The Crew).

According to Touko, The Crew is so relaxed, they don't do body checks, unlike the Melee Fight Crew.

Touko Dekuchi / Touko is the club president, but a bit of a slacker at times.

Aki Hikarizato / Aki is very bold and occasionally takes on a leadership role in the club.

Hikako Kirai / Hika is the craftsman and repairman of the club

Melee Fight Crew ( Bad Group )

A club formed after the outbreak started. It was said by Touko that they have strict rules which include body checks.

Unknown Male Attacked Kurumi and now attacked by the Zombies

Ayaka / backstory CHP 47

Kougami / Now infected

Sino / pregrant

Unknown Male with baseball cap
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Posted 6/29/16
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Posted 9/28/16 , edited 25 days ago
CHP 49

The Girls from School escape the Meelle Club but cant find Kurumi !

CHP 50 Convey ( Did by groups)

The Fallen Club / Touko / Aki / Hikako Kirai are being held by Melee Fight Crew ( Bad Group ) Tougou Takata / Kamiji Ayaka and Uhara Shino .

Touko is really being ?? hard and accused of infecting people by Takata until he slips up and asks for the antidote after a moment Ayaka / Shino go after him.

Meanwhile Yuki / Yuri / Miki are at the camper Mike goes looking for Kurumi and also For Ruu ( Yuti's sister Teddy Bear ) in which Yuri now has PTSD and thinks it her!

Miki while taks to Aozoi ( the mysterious older female a proffessor ? ) and expains to her ( no dialouge in CHP ) and Miki starts searching again only to be confronted by Takata END...

CHP 51

Some good revelation therioes on the tech side of the infection Really the first time indepth

Miki tries to explain the situation to Takata / which includes saying her group is not responbile for the infections and her conservation with the "locked in person ( science dept ) " explains that it happened too slowly for a contact infection but rather aerial saying even if it was terroism it is too big for them. This was well planned out. The science person said it was either by chance or they do have an immunity to an extent the infectiom may be like the Flu where you need a new vaccine each year

But even after explaining Takata is really sick ans still blames Miki ans says give me the antidote. But Miki escapes and he is too weak to go after her !

But the situation overall is getting worse as more infected invade the University

Ayaka sees Takata and maybe a last stand by him but does not help instead saying "that's interesting' Lare she has a smirk on her face asshe goes to the elevator

The Other Fight Member Sino overheard the conservation and says I cant do anything!

The Fallen crew ( Touko / Aki / Hikako / Rise ) who were held captive see the invasion coming and try to make plans but say where are those girls Ayaka / Sino ?

Yuuri is looking for Ruu in a Panic ..... END

Not seen this CHP Yuki / Kurumi


CHP 52 UNTIL The End

OP shows Kurumi's shovel on the ground

Miki is scared and tunning about hearing the infection is airborne? She makes it back to the camper and no one is there.

When Miki is inside there is a knock then the door opens and Miki / Aki scare each other not knwing who was who. They discuss about whar ro do next

Next is Yuki who finds Kurumi's shovel but see the zombies are increasing and climbs a wall / then she sees Kurumi who doesnt answer walking among them. Yuki slips / Kurumi snaps out of iy and covers up Yuki and the Zomboes go away Yuki / Krumi have a heavy discussion as Kurumi wanted to stat away from the others knowing she is infected and insists no matter what there will they say farewell . But Yuki counters saying not knowing that and if is dead or alive us eben more horrible and isiust they stay togehther until the end.

CHP 53 Struggle

Not seen this CHP Yuki / Kurumi

Touko / Hikako ( Fallen Crew ) have a discuusion about the School Life Club if they made it Touko says if they are Aki will bring them to their hiding place.

Ayaka Kamiji confronts Sino Uhara ( both only functioing Melee Fight Crew left ) disagreeing about what to do / they go their seperate ways

Yuuri Wakasa is running around and finds Ruu ( The Stuffed Bear ) and is getting trapped

Sino is approached by a Zombie ( looking like Ren ) and Sino despite being tired of it all manages to kill it ans says she must live.

Yuuri talking to imaignary Ruu sees Ruu poiting to the window to escape.Which see does and Sino is there going along with Yuuri saying she has found Ruu.

Aki arrives with Miki where Tourko / Hikako / Risde are and a makeshift rope is tossed down .

Aki goes up first but Miki stops a car that's approaching which contains Takahito Tougo ( Infected keader of the Melee Fight Crew ) pointing a crossbow at Miki saying you won't get away this time .......... END


This is just an excellent story and this EP was a stunner !

A SPECIAL NOTE It will be 2 months as the author is taking a month off .

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