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Post Reply MORE NEW MANGA! Crunchyroll Adds Unlimited Fafnir To The Library!
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Posted 6/8/15

darlingdanichan wrote:

Hey everyone, I know we just announced four new titles that we picked up from Square Enix last week, but guess what, we've already got ANOTHER manga coming your way and this time it's from Kodansha!

We have the anime on our site and we're excited to announce that starting RIGHT NOW, Friday, June 5th @ 5pm PST we have the full catalog (including most recent simulpub) of Unlimited Fafnir by Tsukasa, Saburouta, and Riko Korie available on Crunchyroll Manga!

The sudden appearance of monsters known as dragons turned the world upside down. After a time, some girls are found to have dragon powers. Dubbed the D, these girls are collected and sent to a school called Midgard. Now, the only male D, Yuu Mononobe, has been brought out of hiding and forced to go there as well?!

Territories: Worldwide excluding Algeria, Lebanon, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Morocco, Switzerland and Japan

That's all for today but who knows... we might have even more manga to announce this month! Happy reading!

~ Danika

Any ideas how often the simulpub is out? Monthly, weekly etc?
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Posted 6/12/15
and again, another manga i can't access...
when i think i'm on crunchyroll uniquely for the manga part :S ....

well, good for the others.
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Posted 8/20/15

KarenAraragi wrote: I am confuse about chapter 13 and episode 6 of the anime. I may be wrong about this but if that the same fight that occurred in ep 6. Forget about changing things. That strait up censorship right there. I mean if that the same fight. In the anime he push her way with a shockwave or something. But if I not reading this wrong.
I didn't see any of this in the anime. Don't get me wrong I don't hate the anime but holy shit. If that the same fight that happened in the anime. They fuck it up really badly. Assuming that is the same fight that happened in Ep 6 I think. I looking a chapter 13 and page 30-/29 of the manga. And if that is the same fight of Ep 6. That censorship. Is like I looking a 2 different people fight. That was brutal.
That's not the only fight they edited. They almost completely removed Yuu's fight with the NIFL soldiers from the anime. Like...that fight showed an extremely badass side to him. And they covered it up with just background gunshot sound effects and Iris cowering behind a wall. :/ That was kind of a letdown for me.
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