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M / Pennsylvania
Posted 6/6/15
I had this idea because "Someone " thought i was lying when i said that My client was broken and i can't see my healthbar (Well I can see it but it looks grayed out like i'm dead) So I assume i'm dead when I look at it until i compare the numbers.


has anyone else had this issue? have you had your own issue going on lately?

TIP: If you're getting a black screen or down't know how to screenshot in game with the "Printscreen" button changed your video thing to "Window border-less" then printscreen should work.
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Posted 6/6/15
I thought that was torchlight until I saw the bottom HUD

eh laggy experiences?
Dark souls 1 : forest land of invaders - get invaded, lag back stabbu!

tf2 : around it's prime in laggy players when it went f2p, any map and you shoot someone and don't get hit and they keep running around

gta v: drive into a car and it keeps rolling but shants to left to right and almost like you never collided

csgo: shoot someone and they don't die
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Posted 1/15/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads locked
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