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What annoys you about other drivers?
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Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/7/15
Some cars are like 5 meters away and they still honk. I guess it's for caution but dam
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Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/7/15

Sogno- wrote:

that they're on the same road as me

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Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/7/15
That many of them are incompetent and have the attention span of a gerbil.
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F / United Kingdom
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
A lot of people drive as if they don't want to live or anyone else that happens to be nearby. Get yourself killed by all means. Don't kill me while you do it.
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Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
they have tunnel vision
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26 / F / Satellite Beach, FL
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
People not going the speed limit or if they're in the fast lane and not doing 5 over or not getting over.

Not using their blinkers and cutting you off.

People using their blinkers and thinking that gives them the right to cut you off.

People riding my butt or stopping way too close to my butt.

( I have done this more than once. People need to stop texting while they're driving. SERIOUSLY)

Blocking the intersection. (I WILL YELL AT YOU.)

People who run red lights. ( I will make it interesting and /almost/ hit you....WHILE ON MY HORN AND YELLING AT YOU)

People who pull out in front of you and go really slow causing you to slam on the brakes. ( LIKE SERIOUSLY BRO?)

People who can't stay in their own lane while turning. (Do people actually know how to drive???)

And let's just face it. I hate people...especially ones who drive....

Also adding: People who drive crazy. Like OMG you don't need to do 90 mph in the rain!
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F / The Far Shore
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15

my best friend and dad both do this: waiting too long to stop before stop signs/lights so they have to almost slam on the breaks to stop themselves and almost hit the person in front of them

friends who speed like 50 over the limit on purpose to scare me (assholes)

friends who think they can drift

people who text/talk on the phone and drive

people who turn on their signal 0.2 SECONDS BEFORE THE TURN AND SLAM ON THEIR BREAKS or people who don't use their turn signals at all

people who don't give me enough room on gravel roads

people who get distracted by literally anything and everything and almost fly into my lane or the ditch

people who can't decide if they want to stick to the side line or middle line

and lastly.. probably the most rage inducing... i had an old friend who would literally turn around in his seat (WHILE DRIVING) to talk to me while i was in the back
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/10/15
Drivers who wanna race on the street.
Drivers who wanna drink and drive.
Drivers who wanna text while driving.
Drivers who wanna take their sweet ass time driving (especially when they're in LA???)

Most drivers besides the defensive ones are/can be so annoying
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
drivers who cut in front of me in a lane piss me up so much or if I'm parking and someone honks at me to hurry up ..
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M / Australia
Posted 6/8/15 , edited 6/8/15
I hate drivers that refuse to do the speed limit, or then the others that tail gate you even though you are doing the speed limit.
Drivers who do not indicate or just stop suddenly.
Posted 6/9/15 , edited 6/10/15
People who don't signal, and tailgate you, or are in the wrong lane to turn.
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21 / M / Future Gadget Lab...
Posted 6/9/15 , edited 6/10/15

jeffcoatstephen wrote:

Not sure if this forum topic is already taken but yeah just like the title says...

What annoys me about other drives is if they drive too slow (Actual speed limit or under), ride my ass when I'm already going ten over, or put their signal on after hitting their brakes. I am not the best drive and I'm not ready to die yet but I do tend to drive faster because speed limits annoy the hell out of me.

I'd say when people cut you off, such as merging suddenly on the freeway without their blinker, when people ride your ass, people who drive 5 miles or more under the speed limit, left turn lights since they never last long enough (meaning you're stuck at a red light forever), highway ramps with multiple merges, people who play their music and base way too loud, those moments when too many pedestrians are crossing the street, especially when you're trying to make a right, when the speed limit is clearly too low (such as on wider roads), rush hour traffic (and the sad thing is I'm moving to LA, where it's the worst in the U.S.), driving in Los Angeles, Driving in New York, All Los Angeles drivers, All New York drivers, Truck drivers from Pennsylvania, drivers from Rhode Island (worst in the nation statistically), drunk drivers, those idiots who cut you off at an intersection when you have the right-of-way, construction zones, police in small towns (who only make money if they catch you speeding even 1 mile over the limit), J-walking (legal in CA, apparently), driver laws changing state to state, the fact that the rest of the world drives on the left side of the road, rising gas prices, cars that are too big (where you can't see past them), cars that are too small (where you can't see them), black cars at night (especially if they don't have headlights on), night driving in a poorly lit area, large hills, toll roads, the price of cars, the price of insurance, drivers ed classes,

Everything about the DMV

idiot who try to have a meal in their car, people who drink in their car, people who shave in their car, people who apply makeup in their car, intentionally loud engines, people who speed way too fast, situations where you're in the middle of nowhere and cannot find a convenience store when you're hungry, situations where you're in the city and can't navigate it, directions in general if your GPS sucks, backseat drivers, driving children, driving teenagers, driving whiny adults, pulling over when there is an ambulance but there's nowhere to pull over to, trying to make a U-turn when all the signs say "no U-turn", making sure you're car is locked, hiding your valuables cleverly so they don't get stolen, parking when you're in a bad neighborhood, driving in a bad neighborhood, getting pulled over by a cop for going 5 miles over the speed limit, having your tail-light out, having your blinker not working properly, not having enough gas when there is no gas station around, not having enough money for gas on you and having no debit card, not having your phone when you need to call AAA, not having your phone while driving, people who text while driving, people who throw litter out their car, road hazards, branches in the road after a major storm, wet slippery roads, snow on the road, digging your car out of the snow before going to work, trying to get the heater or cooler to work when you most need it and waiting for it to work, not having your heater/AC working, having a bee fly in while driving, sudden sharp turns, trying to make a right turn when a biker is sitting in the middle of the lane, bikers trying to ride in the middle of the street, motorcyclists in general (loud and oftentimes cut you off), keeping your car safe or in a parking lot when flying somewhere, trying to get your car cross-country during a major move or for some other reason, people who watch the TV in other people's cars, people who don't go when the light turns green, people who run red lights, people who swerve on the street because they can't make up their mind as to where they need to go, people who are lost, roll down the window, and ask you for directions at a red light, situations where you have no choice but to ask other drivers for directions at a red light, roadkill, major accidents, major accidents where a truck blocks virtually all lanes, people who stare at accidents and back traffic up, the debt you collect from buying a car, your car getting totaled, your car breaking down and dying just when you paid off your debt, rental cars, driving when you forgot your license, getting your license stolen, having to get a new license, red light drag-racers, people who smoke in their cars with children present, having to get snow-tires/chains for your car, taking your car to a mechanic, the price of taking your car in for maintenance.

And worst of all, something that I haven't even mentioned yet:

Everything, and I mean everything, about Parking.

End rant.

If you read everything...

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21 / M / California
Posted 6/9/15 , edited 6/10/15
- Switching onto my lane (which is currently going faster) to pass another person up but ends up going the same speed or even slower.
- Texting and driving.
- Not hugging the curb when turning AND at the same time not turning even though there aren't any cars and you can turn.
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29 / M
Posted 6/9/15 , edited 6/10/15
I don't mind aggressive driving, but I do hate driving stupidly or just dangerously unsafe driving.

Drivers that don't stop for pedestrians. Blocking intersections, fire lanes, etc. People that park their cars in fire lanes.

Drivers that don't allow someone over when they've had their blinker on for a long long time. Speed up, slow down, w/e make some space, it's not that hard.

Weaving through heavy traffic (you're already in traffic, it seriously isn't going to make a difference if you reach your destination 30 seconds faster).

Running red lights or stop signs on purpose.

Motorcyclists that try to pass in small spaces, like in the bicycle lane, in-between lanes, or on the left shoulder (at >90 mph).

People that try to make a left turn at the light when they are 3 lanes over, so far over in fact that they're in the right turn only lane. If you've missed your turn then find a legal way to get back.

But the worst kind of driver is one that argues "I have the right of way"
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Posted 6/10/15 , edited 6/10/15
People who drive so slow because they're on their damn phones.
People who drive like they own the road and refuse to let others pass even with their blinkers on.
People who throw trash off their windows. I saw this driver in front of me throw a CHICKEN BONE out of the window... almost hit the biker.
People who find it necessary to keep revving their engines in slow-moving traffic.
People who don't let pedestrians pass.
People who disregard common-sense driving laws.
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