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Things You Get Asked Often
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29 / F / Northern US
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
How do you afford X?
I have job and I don't ever go out or really do anything except my handful of expensive hobbies.

Where did you get that doll?
As a BJD collector, this question is constant.
It is a ball jointed doll / dollfie dream.

Can you do/fix this, quick?
;) my job at work. resident front end development nerd. If I didn't get asked this question at work, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

What are you doing this weekend?
"Nothing" ie "sitting at my computer, watching CR and bouncing between various forums under the illusion that this is my answer to a social life.
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22 / F / Southern US
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
Do you smoke pot/weed/whatever?
Do you drink?
Do you do drugs?
Damn it, no, I don't.

There are generally a few more I get when the person talks to me for a bit, when they learn a bit about me.

GrateSaiyaman wrote:
Did you find everything you were looking for , MAM?

I am always tempted to ask if they can find their ass with both hands....
(WTF? I trim my hair when it gets to be over an inch long and Only shave about two times a week... I have a 5 O'clock shadow five days out of seven..... WTF? For Christ's sake I wear a cap that says "GLOCK Shooting Sports."
I don't wear makeup.)

Heh, I had long, long hair not long ago. Employees at stores or whatever else would often call me mam. I know that feeling.

I'd generally just try to laugh it off, and once I said something they'd get a mortified look on their face. I have a really deep voice. At least they would apologize after and look embarrassed.

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M / [ ᴄʟᴀssɪғɪᴇᴅ ]
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15

Are you a model?
Why do you work way too hard?
Are you taken?
How can you juggle all responsibilities at once?
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M / in a Parallel wor...
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
You look strong, do you lift?
I lift my bookbag
Why are you shaking?
Well it isn't very noticable when your from a distance, but up close you can notice that I sometimes shake a bit. It is either because I am very tired or most of the time it is because of my Anxiety, which means I either don't know you well enough yet to be secure, or I think your really cute(Feel a bit intimidated when I am next to a cute person)
Are you Straight?
I have not had a girl friend, but people see me talking to girls in my school a lot(but they are just my friends). I never tried to ask out a girl on a date, because of my anxiety issues, but maybe someday I will get the confidence to do it.
What did you do over the Break?
Watched Anime, played games, and taking naps.
Why do you looks so bored/uninterested?
its either because I am bored, or that you probably just can't see it on my face, because its uncomfortable for me to smile, but if its a good joke I sometimes do smile. My friends ask me to hang out, and I do Occasionally, but Social Things tire me out, and I enjoy being alone more, because I feel like I get more energy from being alone.
Are you going to make that performance?
I have a lot of performances to do during the school year.
Who do you like?
My friends ask me this, because they want to help me, but I rather do it myself when I can get enough confidence to do it. I usually keep who I like to myself, but if my friends ask me who I think is hot in our class, than I have no problem.
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22 / F / You don't need to...
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
Are you Spanish? Are you Asian? You're Catholic?

Why do you like anime so much?

Why do you always look so bored/lonely?

Can you sing right now?

There's probably more I can't think of right now, but the first ones that pop into my head.
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
Are you asian?
- No.
Are you mixed?
- Nope.
Do you have a boyfriend?
- No.
I love your hair/ makeup, what products do you use?
- I don't have a specific hair product and I use mac.
Are you okay? Are you sick? you look tired. (When I don't wear makeup)
- *ouch
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23 / M / Florida
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 7/17/15
Person X: "Why don't you have a girlfriend?"
Me: "Well, I don't have too much time. I have to work and study"
Me in my mind: "Sorry for lying. I prefer to spend my time playing videogames and watching anime instead of going out with a girlfriend. Besides, I already have Onodera"
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26 / M / Way North
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
How old are you? (usually comes right after they've asked me about what I've done, or where I've been)

Play something for me? (This one gets on my nerves after a while. Sure, I love to play, but not on command)

What do you really do?
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23 / M / Chicago, Illinois
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
When I have a full beard and when I buy a M-rated game or an R-rated movie and I get asked: "Can I see your ID?"
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20 / M
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
I can tell you one thing im sick of people telling me

You only like weird music cause it makes you feel edgy and different.

Fuck you I like the music I like cause I wanna hear something different. Most music I tell people about is like only a 1-4 on the weird scale. Im not showing you Whitehouse or Throbbing Gristle(okay on occasion I do show people Throbbing Gristle to freak them out)
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
Are you really Mexican?
Yes but I don't look it cause I'm light skinned ..
Are you taken?
nope I'm singe ..
why is someone as cute as you single?
because I'm super picky on the guy I chose to love
Can I see your I.D
really -_-
why are you so short for your age?
because my whole family are short <.<
Are you really into anime and videogames?
Yes Yes I am -_- cant an attractive person like both ...
How long does it take you to do your winged eyeliner?
about 45 minutes cause my right eye never likes to cooperate with me .
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21 / M
Posted 6/7/15 , edited 6/8/15
"Why are you staring at me?"



[ Wakes up, proceeds to apologize ]

The difficulties of sleeping with your eyes open
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27 / M / Seattle, WA, USA
Posted 6/8/15 , edited 6/8/15
"Your name's Kit? Is that your full name, or what is it short for?"
Posted 6/8/15 , edited 6/8/15
"Just how old are you, really?"
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Posted 6/8/15 , edited 6/8/15
Can I get another few days to finish my assignment? The first 12 weeks of the semester that you had to work on it weren't enough? Too much CR for you, I think.

When is "x" due? Check the syllabus. You know, that thing you agreed to at the start of the semester.

Can I get extra credit? Nope. I don't do the extra credit thing. The only students who take advantage of it are the ones that don't need it.

Could you explain how this works again? Certainly. I'd be happy to.

My cat attacked my dog, and in the ensuing battle, my homework was lost. Can I get an extension? Per the syllabus, no. Incarceration or hospitalization are the only acceptable excuses for missing work, unless you tell me ahead of time and we work out a deal.
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