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Posted 6/8/15
My significant other and I are temporarily long-distance for a couple of years, and not married yet, but we generally share things that aren't say, bank accounts, or things you would only be able to share when legally married. If we're both using the site at the same time, will we run into trouble? It seems silly to pay double for something we'd otherwise just share. Can I have them register their laptop as a device, or will that work? I just wanted to get an answer on this before trouble COULD arise. We came back to here from hulu and didn't have problems there, but it doesn't hurt to find out.
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Posted 6/9/15
My understanding is that you're only allowed to share an account with members of the same household. My guess is that account sharing in your situation where you're living separately and/or living long-distance (especially for a couple of years) would not be acceptable under their terms of service.
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