Best way to transport my anime collection to Nova Scotia for uni.
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Posted 6/9/15 , edited 6/10/15
Hey fellow crunchies,

I'm leaving for university in August and heading up to Halifax Nova Scotia (Canada).

I have not been abroad for roughly 5 years, and have amassed a small collection of about 15 blu ray/ dvd's.

When I go I plan to put them in my carry on and also take my laptop in a separate laptop bag. Does anyone have experience with Canadian airports in terms of transporting DVD's?

I'm sure they will think my three 2tb hard drives are suspicious as it is, so I'm hoping they don't question me as to why im carrying 15 dvd's in my carry on.

Would taking those 15 dvd's in my carry on be the best way to get them there? or should I put them in my checked luggage.

I'm always paranoid about stuff happening to either my laptop or my anime collection so I just need some assurance as to which would be the best option.
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