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Post Reply Ever woke up with a song stuck in your head ?
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27 / M / Florida
Posted 7/12/13

VintageVengeance wrote:

ME TOO. HOLY SHIT. ARE WE TWINS? Well, mine only lasts about a week or two, and then it's a new song every time I wake up. This time, it's a Depeche Mode song. Personal Jesus. Lolol. Everytime I'm in the bathroom since Monday, I've been singing it while alone in the bathroom.

Great song and I love your display pic. Asuka is my favorite.

This stuff happened to me a few times.
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21 / M / Shah Alam, Selangor
Posted 8/16/13

The new version of Apo Kono Eh Jang by Fida Ibrahim, AC Mizal and Stellar Band, I believe they are damaging that good old Malay song with that "rap" by AC Mizal...
Posted 8/17/13
Lovebird by the marvelous Leona Lewis. I don't mind waking up to that song in my head every morning.
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42 / M / PA.
Posted 8/18/13 , edited 8/18/13
This song pops in my head, then I'll forget about it and then I'll remember it again...

Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner - Do-do-dodo-do-do-dodo-do-do-dodo-do-do-dodo... ugh... GET OUTTA MY HEAD!!:

But it doesn't stop there, how about this?:

ATC - All Around The World (la la la la la)

And then that stupid Loreal commercial gets this song stuck in my head...:

Faithless - Insomnia

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F / Dojo
Posted 8/20/13
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20 / F / Tunisia, Tunis
Posted 8/21/13
No not really
although i sleep while listening to music, but i wake without remembering the last song i heard the night before
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