Tenra Bansho Zero
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Posted 6/10/15
So in my never ending quest to amass more Table Top RPGs than I will ever get a chance to play, I have come across Tenra Bansho Zero, an English translation of a Table Top RPG from Japan..

Kind of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy setting with Magically Powered technology controlled by the Priesthood, Soul Eating Mecha and Demon Possessed Samurai.

The system is fairly simple. Roll d6s vs. Target number set by your skill. The more successful dice the better.

The real beauty of the system however comes from this cycle of Karma-> Fate-> Action.
Each character has a number of Fates that help define your motivations and goals.
As you Role-play acording to these Fates the other Players in the group reward you with Points.
These Points convert into Power that you use for Impressive actions or to advance your character
As you Spend the Points they become Karma. Aquire too much Karma and your character goes off the deep end and becomes an NPC
To Lower you Karma you Change or Erase your Fates, thus evolving your characters motivations and personality.

The cylce then repeats with your new and altered fates.

The game describes it a lot more elegantly than I do but it seems fairly brilliant to me.

Does anyone have any experience with the game or is interested in it?

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Posted 1/15/17
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