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Posted 6/10/15 , edited 6/11/15
By: CrayMeganeChan

Before even reading what the synopsis for this series was going to be about, I had a few thoughts on what I thought I would expect based on the promotional picture. Is this going to be the first time this character will be falling in love? And how will be proceed to get the girl if this is the case? After watching the first episode not only were the answers to my questions given but I realized I'm probably about to watch one of the best series this season has to offer. Only a few episodes in but MY love STORY!! has me wanting, no fully supporting, the judgments of the main character and wish nothing but the best for him.

Our main character is Gouda Takeo. His looks aren't exactly the most desirable by girls his age. His friend however, Makoto Sunakawa, has that princely face but not the personality/attitude of one to match. With their differences people wouldn't think they are best friends but they are. All his life, the girls Takeo have ever liked had a thing for Sunakawa and was never able to even confess to them. Finally in High School things seem to be the same. The guys would all admire Takeo's manliness and the girls admiring Sunakawa. One day an incident on a train ride home lead to Takeo rescuing a girl from a pervert. The way she was thankful towards hims made him have love in his eyes. This girl was Rinko Yamato and the newest affection of Takeo's heart. To show her thanks she baked and brought over some sweets to Takeo's place where Sunakawa was also present since they lived in the same apartment building. Seeing how she reacted when Sunakawa offered to leave, Takeo thought she was probably aiming for him and didn't see a chance. With all the generosity she's been showing towards them, Takeo felt that he should support her in getting his friend if it would mean her happiness.

That was just the beginning of story. With every episode there is something that shows more and more of the type of person that Gouda Takeo is. And we don't just get to more of his personality but of Sunakawa's as well. We see what and how the relationship between these two seemingly different boys just how happen to work. And Yamato herself is also a sweetheart. She seems them for who they are and not how the rest of the people tend to look at them. The development of the relationship of Takeo and Yamato is just beginning and who knows where it will lead. I do know for sure that whatever happens, Takeo will find a way to make it right or at least try to figure out the best plan of action that his hear is telling him.

You can catch up and watch MY love STORY!! on Crunchyroll every Wednesday at 3pm EDT
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Posted 6/11/15 , edited 6/11/15
And it just gets better and better every episode.
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Posted 6/12/15 , edited 6/12/15
I saw this promoed on Imagine-nation recently, delighted to see if come to crunchyroll. The manga it's based on also looks like a lot of fun.
Posted 6/18/15
I'm in love already
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Posted 6/18/15
The anime is so good! You just can't stop watching it and it has good comedy.
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Posted 7/8/15
This does indeed to be so far after watching 11 episodes a very good anime, i like the main character as in his personality his character traits and his friends, speaking of friends man the character Sunakawa is just perfect always keeping his best friends Takeo calm and thinking straight i wish i had an amazing friend like him. Finally the most important part the girlfriend Yamato which Takeo actually is dating its nice ot actually have the main character be in a consenting relationship with a girl who likes him and that he likes, no harem, no fake dating, no crazy people trying to split them up, just a nice simple and fun to watch relationship. So i cant wait to see what happens to those too and maybe Suna will get a girl who know who cares so far he is just better being the single supportive friends
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