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Posted 6/10/15
Once again, the forces of evil and insecurity have been vanquished by friendship and giant pink lazer cannons
But now, the meguca are faced with the choice of mankinds future

The mainstream Mahou Shoujo Coalition, made up of thousands of local cells united by the leadership of meritocratic princess's, believes that mankind must remain sovereign and equal to meguca, so that they both may grow as races in the quest for peace and understanding.

The dark mahou shoujo believe that humanity is too blinded by its own flaws to grow on its own power, they believe that meguca must rule the earth and build a new world order based on clear lines of communication, unconditional love, and of course, friendship. The dark mahou shoujo princesses are united under an all powerful empress of love, and her unending obsession with power.

The smallest, and yet most dangerous sect, includes the Spirituals, meguca who believe that all earthly life and its suffering need to be abandoned for the true meaning of friendship to be unlocked. They desire to summon back thier godess from the ethereal plane, to bring about an act of love so great as to cause a the rapture, the ascendance of all sentient life on earth to the spiritual realm.

The lines have been drawn, and now the meguca are to fight a war like one has never been fought for before
Friend against friend, sister against sister, lover against lover
Pick a side, (or start your own) and battle in the name of friendship!


Pick a character and a weapon, with a magical girl backup team behind your leader.

Then you will pick a side, and engage in battle with another meguca of an opposing side

meguca warfare will be conducted by calling out names and descriptions of cool spells while attempting to make friends with your opponent. If you insult a meguca in a way that hurts his/her self esteem or hurts your potential friendship, you automatically lose. , if you are able to impress or inspire your opponent, they attribute points to you and vice versa, if you get an opponent to like you, they assign points to you and vice versa. Referencing magical girl anime is worth a point a reference. However has the most points after several back and forths wins
Remember, its your opponent that decides how powerful your friendship attacks are, so don't be cheap!

After the battle, choose whether to become friends, if no friends are made, then both players lose.

If you cant beat them, join them! "lose" two fights, and join the faction of one of your new friends!
Whichever faction has the most friends at the end, wins the first world war of the meguca

Be brave, battle well, and above all, have fun!
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Posted 10/9/16
Had the spelling been Ragnarok. I might've felt like a magical girl... well maybe just a little still.
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