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Posted 6/11/15
Well, as I said. How the heck do I cancel my sub. I forgot to and was charged 7$. I am cool with that, I forgot to un-sub, thats how they make money with trials with dumb idiots like myself. But how do I cancel it so I wont get charged next month? It says on my iphone that auto sub is turned off. Then on my profile it says auto re-new is turned on. I tried to delete my crunchy roll account all together, but it said I must first take off all re occurring subs, so, how do I do this? I looked up guides, but they seemed all outdated, as the layouts have changed.
Posted 6/11/15 problem seems to be occurring very much recently. Okay, a very quick and simple guide on this as I will be walking through the steps myself. I don't wish to ever cancel my sub though because I love this place.

Settings > Premium Membership Settings > Cancel Membership. It is a big button, you can't miss it. Quote this if you have anymore problems finding it and I'll try to go in detail with pictures. It's moderately very easy however.
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Posted 6/11/15 , edited 6/11/15

right on the front of the help page. Please contact support directly if you have difficulty on your own.
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