Why you should read Inuyashiki!
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Posted 6/11/15 , edited 6/12/15
Some people don't have great aspirations, but desire the simple things instead. A family, a house, a loyal pet. All they really want is a nice simple life, but what if you one day found yourself at the age of 58 and you still hadn't found real fulfillment in your existence. Now imagine you've been given a second chance. Suddenly, you're no longer the simple old man who has to let time pass him by, now you're Iron Man! For reasons you can't fully comprehend, you've become an android and now you have the power to save people! To make a difference in people's lives the way you never could before! That's the story of Inuyashiki!

Ichiro is a simple and kind old man who just wants to help people. He may not be terribly complex as a hero, but in a world where people don't need much reason to harm innocent people, he may just be what the world needs. I've only gotten to chapter 16, but I think this is gonna be a lot of fun. We're talking about a man who has very little experience with modern technology becoming the most advanced piece of hardware on the planet! This is bound to be fun! Watch as Ichiro strives to find meaning in his existence trying to save people, as well as tracking down another person who has been gifted with his same abilities. Ironically enough, this rival is a young man who seeks purpose in killing people. Will Ichiro be able to stop him? How will his relationship with his family change? Read the story and find out!
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Posted 6/16/15 , edited 8/18/15
This manga is so good! You'll be laughing and crying, seriously.
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