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Rank the 'Ships! (Spring 2015)
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F / You, Knighted States
Posted 7/2/15

jtav001 wrote:

saprobe wrote:

Also, speaking of Kakyoin, I fully support him x Holly Joestar aka Jotaro's mom (another one never meant to be)

Did they ever even show Jotaro's dad?

No. They do mention that he's a famous musician who's always on the road (explains their palatial estate, too). Plenty of opportunity for if you know, things hadn't happened.
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38 / F / Seireitei, Soul S...
Posted 7/2/15
1) Kaoru and Hajime from I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying - Do I really need to explain why?

2) Rin and Shirou from Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - The ending episode with them together at the Clock Tower Mage school was just too cute, and I really like how they matured as characters and with each other through the story in that route.

3) Shirou and Saber from Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Because come on, we all know they have feelings for each other too.

4) Saber and Rin from Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Because you know, yuri action. That and I think that they'd actually make a good couple.

5) Isla and Tsukasa from Plastic Memories - Their relationship was just too cute from the beginning, and you could tell that they had feelings for each other from the start. I really liked how they grew as characters alone and with each other. It really hurt too much watching the last episode.

6) Tsukasa and Michiru from Plastic Memories - Because it could happen one day. After all, she does have feelings for him.

7) Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon Crystal - They've really grown and matured as a couple in this adaptation of Sailor Moon, and I'm really enjoying and liking how they're being portrayed this time around. One of my first anime couples that I liked.

8) Osamu and Ai Kitora from World Trigger - Because since they're always at odds with each other, you know they'll make a good couple.
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29 / M / USA! USA! USA!
Posted 7/2/15 , edited 7/2/15





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32 / M / The Abyss of Time
Posted 7/2/15
Guess I'll toss a few out there though I never keep up with what shows are in what seasons, I'll go by what I've seen earlier in the thread

1- Hachiman x Yukino (Snafu): The two are too cute together and to some degree can understand each other via both having been isolated in some way.
2- Hachiman x Saika (Snafu): The way he makes Hachiman blush and switch into husbando mode is too much for me to not ship them to some degree.
3- Yukino x Yui (Snafu): Just watching how Yukino opens up to Yui is enough but then you have the two always hanging around each other so yeah totally can ship it.
4- Hachiman x Shizuka (Snafu): Seems to understand Hachiman and see him as the good guy he is. And he sees her for the beauty (both personality and physically) that she is.
5- Archer x Rin (F/SN: UBW): Both are snark masters, more on the cynical side of the spectrum, intellectuals, bada**es, prideful, and mature.
6- Saber x Shirou (F/SN: UBW): Both are headstrong idealists that pursue goals that are difficult to attain. They train together and fight together, even when under enemy control Saber still resists attacking Shirou. Saber pushes back on Shirou's wanting to protect others via not wanting to be protected and actually fight her own battles. And they just have chemistry from my perspective.
7- Bell x Hestia (Danmachi): I usually ship the 'confidant' types and for Bell, Hestia fits the bill as she's there for him and goes out of her way to help him progress.
8- Aiz x Loki (Danmachi): For the main series I like how overly aggressive Loki is towards Aiz and for someone like Aiz that tends not to respond to romantic advances I think it'd have to be an aggressive type. Not to mention the way the two are comfortable around each other. Though this is main series since the spinoff series I have a different ship xD

If I wasn't behind with my anime I'm sure would have more but meh for now this is it.
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27 / F / North Carolina
Posted 7/2/15
1. Shiraishi x Yamada (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches)

2. Megumi x Soma (Food Wars)

3. Suna x Takeo x Yamato (Oremonotagari)
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M / The Future™
Posted 7/4/15

Rei-hime wrote:

Suna x Takeo x Yamato (Oremonotagari)

Actually, this makes a lot of sense to me
Otter Modder
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25 / M / Florida
Posted 1/26/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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