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Posted 6/12/15
Ok so here is the basic templet for the character


Age: (if looks different from actual age, please specify)

Species: (remember, check the list on the front page)

Background: ( Important things that happened to them in the past)

Personality: (how they act toward people)

Looks: (can be something you drew or a pic you found; in a spoiler please)

Remember, you can't rp until it is approved
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Posted 6/24/15 , edited 6/26/15
Name: Helena 'Hel' Loptr

Age: 19

Species: Witch

Background: Helena is a witch with a talent at controlling shadows, able to form almost anything she wants with the wave of a wand. One thing she cannot create however is money, and so she is looking for Kralos to sell it for a hefty chunk of change. She is traveling alone, her family long since gone after her village was attacked and destroyed.

Personality: She's mischevous, a trickster, and money hungry. Not that bad of a person once you get to know her though. Kind enough, but most of the time, everything is for her own personal gain.

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