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What's your opinion on 4chan?
Posted 6/12/15

severticas wrote:

anzn wrote:
Oh of course.
Can't forget about them.

Cute avi

Why thank you.
Posted 6/12/15

megahobbit wrote:

Alright thing about 4chan is each board essentially functions with a culture of its own. In my opinion.

God tier board
/mu/ pretty nice by 4chan standards though kinda pretentious probably has the most progressive viewpoints out of all the boards except maybe /co/

Good tier boards
/an/ (the most harassment that comes from them is targeting animal abusers I respect that cause fuck animal abusers)

Shit tier boards I frequent
/x/(good for creepypasta and lost media threads but 95% paranoid wannabe occultists)

Boards that should be razed from the earth
/b/ (edgy 14 year old heaven)
/pol/ (HEY RACISM, SEXISM, ETC, and what these fucks did to Ben Garrison was horrific)
/a/ (when I see a post the says "Mami is for raping" I nope the fuck out. They worst of the anime fandom)
(Any and all porn boards with actual women since most of the photos come without the consent of the person the photo was taken off)

Boards that make me sad
/r9k/ just look at this

Every other board im not familiar with I heard /LBGT/ is not so kind to transgender and bisexuals though ive never been there myself.

It has 13K followers. Why ! ?
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F / United Kingdom
Posted 6/13/15
Never been on it, but I've warned that is a site for trolling and hatred.
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Posted 6/14/15 , edited 6/14/15
/b/ is a craphole.
paranormal boards are interesting.
anime picture boards are interesting, at least, the non pr0n ones.
most of the others, i don't care about
Posted 6/15/15
I've visited that website once a long tim ago and never returned to it since then. That place was awful.
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Posted 6/16/15
Posted 6/16/15
Saw it once, got bored and never returned.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 1/24/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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