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Posted 6/13/15 , edited 6/13/15
Hi, so i started watching Naruto: Shippuden yesterday (still only on Ep 7 i think) but when i started watching i noticed that as soon as the camera pans in the anime, like if the camera pans over a city or something, the video becomes choppy and it seems to stutter, like microstuttering. Fighting scenes on a non moving background looks fine, it is only when the camera pans. The sound still plays fine but it is like minifreezes every 2 seconds, and it is frankly getting very annoying. I have never had these kinds of issues on for example YouTube or Netflix. And i have tried using different browsers, Chrome, Firefox and even IE. I have even tried doing a clean install of Flash, but it did nothing.
And i cannot imagine it is my computer that is too slow, since it is a pretty beasty PC, my specs:

GTX 980 (latest GeForce drivers)
i5 3570K 4.2Ghz Stable (I have tried removing the overclock as well, didn't help)
16GB 1600Mhz RAM
120GB SSD 500MB/s Read & Write
60Mbit/s Download Speed
15Mbit/s Upload Speed

What on earth could be the cause of this issue? I seem to have tried everything but nothing seems to help, i almost feel like cancelling my Crunchyroll subscription and go back to where i used to watch Anime for free, where i never had any issues. But i would really like to be able to sort this issue out and use Crunchyroll since it is more of a legit site and it has better image quality. I would love it if someone would help me with this or atleast tell me if you have experienced the same thing.
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Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
I have this issue once in a while. Make sure there are no background applications that use flash running, or any other programs in this matter. Also check to see your flash player settings. (Right click the video) Try changing the hardware acceleration, and make sure your flash player is up to date. If you use a secondary type of flash player on your browser, try a different browser or flash player.
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