Windwalkers Project
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Posted 6/13/15 , edited 6/13/15

I just saw this recently....

The French studio Forge Animation launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for Windwalkers, a series of six 50-minute animated films with creators from France, Japan, and other countries, on May 27. The project would adapt the 2004 French fantasy novel The Horde Of The Counterwind (La Horde du Contrevent) by Alain Damasio.


Premise/Plot Summary

Imagine an Earth that is shaped by the wind. Imagine winds so fierce, they cover the surface of the world and destroy everything in their paths.

The various fauna, flora, and human civilizations, have adapted to this “hell”, with the hope that one day the wind will stop.

In Aberlass, a city set against an immense cliff, every generation a group of young boys and girls are chosen for their potential and are trained to "counter" the wind. They become the HORDE. They leave the city as young adults and walk windwards, facing the wind their entire lives, to find the mysterious origin of the winds. They are the WINDWALKERS.

There have been thirty-three attempts in eight hundred years, thirty three Hordes that have failed. This is the story of the thirty-fourth, and most probably the last…

Kickstarter link:

Finished watching the trailer and took read some stuff on this. This sounds fairly interesting imo and the plan is to adapt it into a 6-film series. The producers did say that the original source has enough material to adapt it into a full season though. Nonetheless, this sounds pretty interesting imo.

There's more info on their official website regarding the material they have, the people (staff) involved, and the characters.

ANN posted this as well:
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Posted 6/13/15
So many points.
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Posted 6/13/15
The money goal is oddly specific.
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Posted 6/13/15
well that's an interesting premise
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Posted 1/26/17
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