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Posted 6/13/15
The Xbox One Crunchyroll apps lacks a proper manage queue option which presents a problem. If I wish to view another episode from a series, besides the one currently next in the queue, I would have to go to the search bar type in the title of said series and then be able to chose another episode. While this does not necessarily break the app or anything it does make it more annoying to navigate through it just to view another episode in a series. I also question why it is lacking on the Xbox One app as it is present and working perfectly on the Xbox 360 app which is by far leagues above the Xbox One app.

There also seems to be an annoying problem with loading time when enter into the episode list of a series where no matter what series it requires about 25 seconds to actually load the episode list which honestly doesn't make any sense to me. The console is a much stronger console than the previous Xbox 360 and that loaded everything quite quickly. I can also assure you the problem lies within the app not my internet which is easily fast enough for the app. The 25 seconds can make browsing multiple series quite annoying and frustrating and I believe should be fixed.

Other problems also exist, that have existed on the past Xbox 360 app such as when the app for some reason skips over 4 to 7 seconds for unknown reasons. I just think these problems should be addressed and dealt with to make the app a much better one. Does anyone else agree with me or do you not have these problems?
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Posted 8/2/15 , edited 8/2/15
The only way to get into the episode list it by pinning the series to the dashboard of the xbox one!! Make sure it's the series and not the single episode.
After the episode is done make sure you select more episodes. It should bring you the entire queue of the series. Then pin the series to the dashboard. It should always bring you to the episode selection from now on. Why didn't they make it like the 360 is beyond me...
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