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Posted 6/14/15
1. If there's a person you enjoy hanging out with, in most cases you will feel like you should do them some good and try to avoid hurting them. But what if someone actually doesn't care and just does that to ensure having those moments of joy? That means, the person is only being "nice" to the other one so they don't get depressed, as that would result in the other person not wanting to hang out for a while. That's something you would call selfish, right? Is this even possible? Is it horrible to do?

2. Is there a different between caring about someone you know in real life and on the internet? Is it easier to bond with someone in real life?
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Posted 6/14/15
1. I think people shouldn't worry about hurting people, and should just enjoy having fun with them. That is the best way to enjoy a friendship.

And no I don't think being nice so they do not get depressed is a bad thing, it shows that you really care about them

2. I believe friendship is friendship, no matter if it is over the web or up close. People don't cease being friends after going on vacations do they?
Posted 6/14/15
gotta agree with Justin on #2.

Personally...with #1 (Having had more experience with this than is probably healthy for anyone) I think it depends upon the person and almost upon circumstance. Sometimes people really do need to be treated like porcelain if they are used to being abused (we'll say, emotionally or verbally) by others. Unless they point blank ask certain questions, there's always a way to get around it unless they are persistent; and there's always a kind way to say or critique something and a cruel way or a blunt way that isn't friendly at all. Really it would depend upon situation and a lot of other variables.
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