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Posted 6/14/15 , edited 6/15/15
Hey guys.

So, if anyone is looking to do structured roleplay in the future, my concept is that we can create threads like this...

Basically, the general idea is that we create backstory and concept for a world and its characters. When I say world, I mean its history, its laws (magic/vs no magic, gods/no gods, futuristic, medieval, etc.), everything that makes the world its own. Please keep the content original.

The thread doesn't have to be too structured. We don't like a concept, we move on. You can contribute something if you want, the point is just to get some ideas in a well-written way.

So basically, if you're bored and want to write something, then maybe try giving this a shot.

I'll give the start of this thread a shot:

Backstory for a world.

Name: Kyona (Changeable, I just made an attempt.)

Time period/style: Medieval

Laws/Backstory of Laws: There is magic, however only some have the capabilities to use it well. Not much is known about magic, so only basic things may be done with it. Every once in a while, someone will be born with the innate capabilities to a new form of magic, and more can be learned from the magic in that way. Some people, also, although they don't have the ability to do so since birth, manage to do something new with magic that hasn't been done before, and develop the capabilities (to some extent) of someone who was born with innate capabilities for magic. It is said that the gods bestowed magic upon humans in person in the past. Legend also says that one day in the far past, the gods themselves vanished. To where, who knows? All remaining texts with information on the topic are thought to be gone.

History + Some Geography: Gods disappeared in the far past. Human societies are separated, each city governing itself. War has popped up here and there, but history has mostly been surprisingly peaceful. Most of that is due to creatures that roam the vast countrysides and oceans. Not much documentation on these creatures, either. Cities are known to keep forms of magic to themselves, but information about it usually manages to reach other cities, despite best efforts. Some places around the world are heavily unexplored. There are some instances where creatures have attacked cities, but are usually fended off. Still, not much is thought to be known about the creatures. (Some cities have more information than others) Generally, lack of communication and sharing of knowledge between cities causes not much progress to be made with technology and magic. If any is made, it is usually lost. ( We can add more specific history and geography later, just meant to get the topic started.)
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