They Are Better Than Us
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Posted 6/15/15
This is a challenge to creative folks out there. Idk if this belongs to Forum games or not.

Instruction: Think of a species or a being that is more "advanced" (just better in many ways) than humans. It has to be different, unseen before and has to follow nature's anatomical and physiological scripture in order to survive and thrive in a new environment (or just any environment that you want). Humans don't necessarily have to be attracted to how awesome it would be but it definitely has to be something that's attractive. You can either write descriptions about it or draw it.
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Posted 6/15/15 , edited 6/15/15
A lifeform based on light that can survive and makes solid trough.. ah.. When in contact with human emotions! Yes! And, they gather in conflit because the more in contact with humans the more solid they become and more likely to die
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Posted 18 days ago
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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