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Weird/funny things you did when you were younger.
Posted 6/16/15 , edited 6/17/15

Loplyful wrote:

I used to play with 2 friends WAY back at my dad's ranch
We did tons of stupid sh*t like
-Grab empty chucks of bark and put weeds and whatnot inside and smoke them

Good times, good times...

Wait what!
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22 / M / TX
Posted 6/16/15 , edited 6/17/15

Yep, you heard me lol
Damn was I crazy, still am hehe
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23 / M
Posted 6/16/15 , edited 6/17/15

furytime wrote:

I put a raw egg(in the shell still) into a microwave and put it for like 1 minute.
Needless to say the egg blew up, effectively destroying the microwave. One egg lol.

lol I did the same thing! I didn't see why it wouldn't work...then boom!
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23 / F / Earth
Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
-I put a PB&J into the VCR slot because I thought the VCR was hungry.
-I drew with lipstick on the carpet we had. (Which had to be replaced with hardwood)
-I stuck an Arby's sandwich (back when they wrapped them in foil) into the microwave, which lit on fire and destroyed the microwave.
-I stuck my little sister in both the Freezer and the Dryer, because she could fit.
-I broke a welded metal chair while using it to practice for a monologue, which involved angrily throwing a chair.
-I cut open my window screen with a knife, to escape, because I couldn't figure out how to pop it off.
-I rolled around in snow in a dress at midnight after being told not to, then proceeded to have my sister exchange my wet clothes for dry ones through previously mentioned window screen, and change outside my window as a cop car passed by.
-I secretly spray painted our mailbox neon pink one night, and then blamed it on the drug addict teen down the street, who liked to vandalize mailboxes, so that they finally got caught.
-I scribbled my name in crayons on every piece of furniture in the house.
Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
I useto walk around all the time with no pants...

Oh wait, I still do that.
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F / A Bizarre Adventure.
Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
I somehow lit my matress on fire.

Rollerblade through the hallways of my house
Play Peter Pan with butcher knives at one point in time(I do regret it.)
Sleep on my dresser.
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Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
I used to throw rocks inside the drain culvert to listen to the funny echo it made. I also used to sing to the cows because I thought they were too quiet.
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F / United States
Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
Hide and seek in the dark. The game always end when someone cries (even me), because we got hurt in the dark LOL. Yet, we still played it whenever someone suggested it some days later. It was fun.
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26 / M / Las Vegas
Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
I once accidentally lit a whole acre or two on fire. I was about 8 and I just wanted to make a bond fire, but a spark jumped over the rocks and landed on dry grass... Once I saw that I couldn't put it out, I ran to my house, and didn't come out until the next day. :P

Something I would constantly do? pretend that I had super saiyan powers and scream like an idiot for about 30 minutes. xD
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29 / M
Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/18/15
I made mummies when I was young. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade. It was great fun. I wasn't the one who killed them. I still have one left in my room, but this was the one I made for class so it didn't have any dead creature inside. It's just a hollow husk.

My best friend and I read about irrigation in ancient civilizations and decided to dig a series of irrigation canals in my back yard. We busted through a pipe and water was everywhere. Needless to say, we were scolded and punished.

We also took apart an old computer with pickaxes and sledgehammers because we wanted to study the inside. The computer wasn't working anymore but that was a stupid and dangerous way to take a computer tower apart.

We dumped antifreeze into our tricycles to "make them go faster" and rode them around the garage, spilling antifreeze everywhere. I wasn't aware of the properties of antifreeze so I didn't clean up and told my friend that it should just dry out in a few hours by itself. It didn't and we were caught and punished.

I built an insect guillotine with a razor blade and mousetrap.

I made my own insecticide and got yelled at when it also killed all the plants.

I collected insects and became so good at it that high schoolers heard about me came to me for help on their AP biology insect collection projects. I'm still pretty good at it and also learned to mix the proper chemicals for killing jars as well as preservation techniques.

I raised wild crayfish in our empty jacuzzi.

I caught wild snakes in the park and tried to keep them as pets.

I built an ant farm but all the ants got out and went all over the house.

I built a ballista/crossbow with wheels that shot sharpened wooden pencils.

I ate dog biscuits.

I attempted to cook exotic dishes with the plants and little creatures I could find in my back yard and had my dog judge the taste. He ate like half of what I made.

I built a very powerful catapult for a project in 6th grade. It was supposed to shoot a golf ball 20 feet and strike a little cardboard castle. Instead, it shot over 100 feet, went over the fence, and hit my grandma's car.

I dug a hole and built an underground tomb out of bricks and buried my mummified pet spider in it. I even held a little funeral service and did something to create a green fire that was supposed to mark the tomb entrance forever.

Man, it was so fun to be a kid.
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M / Koreatown
Posted 6/23/15 , edited 6/24/15
I thought the big KFC buckets outside the stores were filled with chicken.
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