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Favorite Videogame Music
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36 / M / Utah
Posted 8/21/15 , edited 8/22/15
video game music is interesting for me, some i love, others i hate: love main themes, town themes, character theme but usually battle themes in RPG games are very boring!

one of my favorite soundtracks was from a ps2 game called Okage: Shadow King, the game was soo warped and the music fit the story and character art, the battle music was very blah, though. i am a fan of different types though, like i love the music in skyrim that is ambient and the main theme of the elder scrolls games. i love music in games like persona that give the j-pop feel as well. i love the gerudo desert theme from LoZ: Ocarina of Time, and the ambient sci-fi feel of PSO when on the pioneer as well as exploring the planet Ragol.
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Posted 8/22/15 , edited 8/22/15
To me, most game music kinda passes me by, like battle themes and whatnot. But the two video game songs that I listen to a lot come from my two favorite games, Borderlands 2 ( ), and Kingdom Hearts 2 ( ) I find myself singing both of them whenever I'm bored.
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Posted 8/23/15 , edited 5/1/16
I'd have to choose this. Grew up with these games, and just listening to it brings back memories.

Honorable mentions:
"The One Who Craves Souls" - Demon Souls
"Gwyn, Lord of Cinders" - Dark Souls
"Majula" - Dark Souls II
"The First Hunter" - Bloodborne
"Hunt or be Hunted" - Witcher 3 OST
"Leaving Earth" - Mass Effect 3 OST.
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Posted 8/23/15 , edited 8/23/15
A few gems I am rather fond of are:

- Termination: YS Origins
- Dark Beasts as Black as the Night: YS Oath in Felghana
- Nightmare Fiction II: BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
- Dances with Domz: Beyond Good and Evil
- Propaganda: Beyond Good and Evil
- 4 Part Plan: Portal 2
- The Final Antasma Battle: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
- Lorule Castle: Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds
- Handsome Sorcerer: borderlands 2
- Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes [OST] #7 - Der Doktor empfängt sie jetzt
- Darth Malak Battle: Knights of the Old Republic
- Prayer for Love: YS Oath in Felghana

For my all time favourite piece...I am not sure at this time .
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Posted 8/25/15 , edited 8/25/15
Anything from the .Hack// series (.Hack//Sign is my favorite)
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Posted 8/25/15 , edited 8/26/15
Vanguard Bandits: ??? unknown

Tales of Xillia - Ayumi Hamasaki: Progress:

Tales of Xillia 2 - Ayumi Hamasaki: Song 4 U:

Tales of Graces F - BoA: White Wishes:

Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand:

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Posted 8/26/15 , edited 8/26/15
I like Wild Arms music, especially that old west feel it has in its soundtracks. I like Suikoden music, too.
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31 / M / Oregon, US
Posted 8/26/15 , edited 8/26/15
FF XII has my favorite overall soundtrack, but many FF and especially Tales games (and JRPGs in general) have great OSTs as well. My single favorite track is The Glorious Land from Tales of the Abyss, although I would not listen to it by itself, you really need to hear it in the moment shown in the game at that point.
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F / The Great White N...
Posted 9/9/15 , edited 9/9/15
The Pokemon series, Ace Attorney Series and the Dragonquest series!
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Posted 1/15/17 , edited 1/15/17
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