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Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
Is there a person in your life whose mere existence fills your body with joy? Might be a bit exaggerated, but they have a special place in your life. Which are the traits they have you value the most? How much of a task was it to find such a person? Is it possible to live without them (whether you once had someone like that or not)?

Edit: Not talking about a romantic relationship.
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Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
No. I have never known anyone like that.

Not anyone in my family, or any of my friends, past or present.

What's the fun in saying what traits someone like that would have? Even if I knew all the traits that person might have, it wouldn't be worth it to share them. I don't want to inspire the kind of person that could be that to exist, but rather wait and see if they forge that character on their own.

Part of the reason I may have never known a person such as that may be because I didn't want to. However, I would say that if I did, then I wouldn't make it into a task, I wouldn't force it. I think the question is more - how long did you have to wait than how much of a task it was. Put into more simple words - you shouldn't search for that person, but rather hope you stumble upon them.

As for this last question, if it wasn't possible for me to live without a person like that, then this message would have never been typed. It does depend on the person though. As for me, I'd rather have the will to survive on my own than the lack of will which would therein cause me to be dependent on someone else.

The way I look at it, everyone has their own character, and this is simply one of the many choices of character that I've decided to make.

Or one last way to put it: I am fine with being a lone pine tree, where other people might instead want to be in a forest of pines, entangling their roots with the pines around them.

That's my take on the subject. I don't know if this is the kind of answer you are looking for, but this is just my take.
Posted 6/22/15 , edited 6/23/15
First off, yes. I have been blessed with a few people like that.

Second off....facing living without them is anything but a welcome thought after living alone for so many years.

They are honest. Understand. Kind. I am fortunate to have them in my life and I wake up every morning to the thought that they are there and in it and I get to share in their life too.

Was it hard to find them? Yes. I don't give the title of 'friend' to just anybody and it took me many years to find them.
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