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Self-Driving Cars and a Moral Dilemma
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Posted 6/19/15 , edited 6/20/15

DasWood wrote:

Morbidhanson wrote:

Currently, the law will ding you if you sacrifice someone to save two, even if all three would have died if you did nothing.

This may change in the future as law evolves, though.

In some places the law will demand retribution if you do nothing as well as if you do something. Also, I think Florida has some interesting morale hazards enshrined in law. Like the penalty for brandishing a weapon being more severe than actually shooting and killing someone.

Also, there are some real interesting things when it comes to physician-assisted suicide. It doesn't matter when the victim uses a machine rigged by the person by pressing the button himself. It's considered murder or manslaughter if the very physician who set up the machine pressed the button, even with permission and/or a signed contract. In most states, that's how it is, anyway.
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