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Posted 6/19/15 , edited 6/19/15
1. Name: Codiax (Koh-Dy-As) Akinen
Gender: Male
Background: Was Leader of Ultimatum
Magical Ability: Lightning, Can transform into Fiarofine (fairofine are creatures that have lightning abilities and are fast)
Appearance: Blonde hair, Green eyes, white

2. Name: Grick Folar
Gender: Male
Background: Codiax's right hand man
Magical ability: Fire
Appearance: Dark skin tone, brown hair, light brown eyes

3.Name: Sheila Akinen
Gender: Female
Background: hero of her home town and she's Codiax's Wife
Magical ability: Wind
Appearance: Strong but feminine figure, flowing black hair, deep brown eyes, light skin tone

4.Name: Nell Salem
Gender: Female
Background: used to be a harlot but fought against a necromancer and joined the ranks of Ultimatum, Ackel's wife
Magical ability: water
Appearance: Attractive woman (She used to be a harlot, of course she was attractive), Short blonde hair, blue eyes

5.Name: Pulek Iona
Gender: Male
Background: Is a nature "pixie", sort of a trickster
Magical ability: Nature
Appearance: has large wings, average height, but tall for a pixie, dark green hair, dark green eyes

6. Name: Ackel Salem
Gender: Male
Background: Trains dragons+rides them into battle
Magical ability: can manipulate and train dragons
Appearance: dragonic features, bald head, red eyes, dark skin tone

7. Name: Chamal Kalman
Gender: Male
Background: swordsman, and is Codiax's right hand man
Magical ability: strength
Appearance: Muscular, Dark skin tone, short black hair, brown eyes,

8. Name: Lamen Gerot
Gender: Female
Background: Ultimatum's negotiator
Magical ability: Psychic
Appearance: super long black hair, brown eyes, tall
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