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Posted 6/20/15

I don't know why isn't this button a thing yet. I mean it would be the best to skip OPs/EDs, since they are usually 1:30 long.
The current Android app features a 15 second revert button, which (in my opinion) is pretty useless. I mean there isn't any big meaning behind that button, maybe to rewatch a funny part quickly..(?).
When I'm marathoning an anime, I don't really want to watch the OP/ED for the *insert random number* time.

I hope my voice will be heared by the almighty devs of this site.
Thanks for your 1:30 long attention!
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Posted 6/20/15
I think the CR player actually supports chapters/markers (you could mark something as OP/ED and skip past that chapter) but it's a feature that's pretty much unused.

I would like it. I pretty much never watch the OP and it's not like having the feature would force everyone to skip OP/ED. If you still wanted to watch them you totally could.
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Posted 7/11/15
Would love some way to skip OP/ED too. I'm always trying to figure out where the +1:30 mark is to skip it manually. Then there are those shows that have JUST a little bit AFTER the ED (ugh) so you have to skip it to find out if there is more.
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