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Censorship in anime, can you bear it?
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Posted 6/20/15 , edited 6/21/15

Yousuf14 wrote:

Censorship is awful and can sometimes ruin a show. If I watch a horror show and all the horror is censored then it's not going to be scary at all and can be very confusing. An example of an anime that had this problem was tokyo ghoul.

Funimation releases uncensored material the same day bluray comes out that has been dub.. That's why I want Fun to license The testament something show..
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Posted 10/6/15 , edited 10/6/15
Yes AK (whose bump post I deleted) I know we have some threads on censorship.

This one does seem similar enough to the new thread that was started today, to be closed, instead of bumped, since it's several months old.

Further discussion regarding how we feel about censorship in anime may be expressed in the new thread:

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