The Duck and the Grasshopper
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Posted 6/20/15
This idea just swung itself into my mind and now I can't seem to get rid of it. Sometimes I get ideas for stories and write them down, but I never do much else, mostly because I don't know how to stretch them and sometimes because I don't hold myself in any high regard.

So I'm posting the idea that I had as a plot outline just to see what interest it sparks (if any).

The Duck and the Grasshopper

(Currently unnamed protagonist) is a first term university student in Tokyo trying his best not to fail his law studies, on his way to class he stops for a quick smoke when a duck walks up to him and says in a posh british accent

"Got a fag mate? I'm dyin' for a smoke."

Shocked by this he then becomes startled and awkward when a female classmate greets him, however when she says

"Aww what a cute duck, wonder why it's so far away from the ponds?"

The duck just replies "Wak" however. The protagonist tries to keep a conversation going with the girl but fails as he is a typical "shy and awkward" guy and the girl leaves. Then the duck looks up to him and says

"That's how you chat up gals? Are you this stupid or'e you just buggin about? Got that fag or wha'?"

Reluctantly he gives the duck a cigarette and lights it for him.

"Thanks mate, you have no idea how hard it is to get a proper smoke nowadays with these wings and all. Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around if your'e goin to this school. Laters."

And then the duck wanders off.

Thus begins a rather complicated story as the duck continues to follow the protagonist around giving him advice while constantly mocking and belittling him while the protagonist starts to question his own sanity.
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Posted 6/21/15
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Posted 6/21/15
To be completely honest you haven't really mentioned enough about the story for anyone to make a solid go off. It could be entertaining but from what you have said the concept still follows a pretty common story format. Protagonist has strange/supernatural encounter with irreverent yet lovable mascot creature X and friendship blooms. Howard the Duck, Ted, Paul, the list goes on. This isn't a bad thing! There are literally thousands of great stories that share similar plot devices with other great stories and in no way feel unoriginal, I am just saying it's not enough to go off of for a real critique.
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Posted 1/5/17
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