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Posted 6/20/15 , edited 6/22/15

To become a mod, fill in below:
Reason for applying:
Type of Mod (GFX, Forum or Special):
For Forum, give ideas for games:
For GFX, show examples of work:
For Special, give links to other groups you are a mod in or are creator:

Forum Mod: Creates events, keeps the forums PG-13 and walls clean.
GFX Mod: Changes the theme based on my approval, and gives GFX to the forum mods for the group.
Special: Looks after the group when I am gone, and makes sure everyone is not going over PG-13.

In order to become a mod, you must have at least 3 examples of your work to show. For forum modes, do BBCode. For GFX, graphics. Special moderators don't need to show their work. Also, please know what you are doing, and be on task. If you do not take your job seriously, I may kick you off the team. If you read these rules, please put 'laifu' somewhere in your application or you will be declined on the spot.
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