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Posted 6/21/15 , edited 7/26/15

I wanna start out saying that i love Crunchyroll. But what bothers me are the thumbnails

When i am watching a show i can see the next 3-4 episode below the video and sometimes the damn thumbnails have spoiled the current episode that i am watching (very frustrating!).
I would love to have the option to switch from a" video thumbnail" to a "poser thumbnail" ( lets say that i am watching Hunter x Hunter and the thumbnail would be the same picture as the thumbnail for the anime in the category "Shows", i think you get it )

Thanks for reading my little complaint/suggestion/feedback/rant/you get it.

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Posted 6/21/15 , edited 7/26/15
I'm in two minds about this whenever it gets brought up.

On the one hand, I find them a really useful visual shorthand as to where in a series I am. All the episodes look different, and i can easily see if I'm up to date.

On the other, thumbnail for "future" episodes when you're catching up on an older series can be quite spoilerific.
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