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Posted 6/22/15
Or Inevibility and Tragedy in an Anime Narrative

So I have just finished Wolf's Rain recently, which is an anime that if you have not watched, you probably should, but was left wondering about its place in anime. As far as things go, much to my own despair, there is a distinct lack of actual tragic anime.

That isn't to say that I am talking about just plain old sad moments anime, even some of my favourite anime I've watched over the years, that being anything from Evangelion to Madoka to Ghost in the Shell, but rather a tragic anime in that it has the elements of original Greek Tragedies. What this mostly comes down to is the inevitability of the ending. When people tend to think tragics, they fail to miss that point. To use Breaking Bad as an example, without any heavy spoilers, I think most viewers knew how the ending would play out, perhaps not the details, but the general scope of both the show's direction and the episodes themselves lend to the idea of Walter White's fate and that is what defines the tragic narrative.

What I'm saying though, in my roundabout way, is that I'm not seeing much of that in anime, not old, not new, I'm not here to rant about current states after all, but rather in general. Tragedy seems to be alongside the epic, in genres that don't get a lot of love and I'm wondering what you, the other users think of this, as well as seeking recommendations of tragic animes that you've watched and enjoyed.

Hope this creates a little discussion about this unloved genre at the very least.
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Posted 6/22/15 , edited 6/22/15
I think tragedy sacrifices the protagonist to make a didactic point to the audience, whereas we usually like to see the protagonist be the recipient of the message instead and demonstrably benefit from it by succeeding as our moral proxy.

Alternately a lot of tragic endings can feel forced against a sense of "realism" where there are obvious good possible endings and the plot seems to choose a sad one arbitrarily because it's depressed (like TTGL and Guilty Crown).

But I'll drop Mamoru Oshii's Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade here before scampering off to bed. It's excellent.

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Posted 6/22/15
Tragedy make for the best of stories, imo.
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