Posted 6/23/15 , edited 6/23/15
These are not to be mitigated in any way, shape or form. Break these, you'll receive a warning. Break them again, you'll be banned. We are pretty easy here and all we want is for people to have fun, ok? So just take a quick look ^_^ Thank you! These are super simple and extremely basic.

PG-13 is in regards to everything.

Language: You can use anything up to the F-word. Come on, guys. Even the movie industry puts things up to rated R for this word. Use anything low level that you wish. Hell, Damn, etc.If you don't like typing out swear words you can always use symbols in place of epithets ---> *&&^^*(

Sexual content:

(1)Don't engage in any character relationships till you talk with the member himself/herself to make sure they are comfort with it.

(2) No sexual content is permitted. Kissing, hugging, that's fine but don't make it gross, guys. Sweet pillow talk is not rolling in the hay, y'all.
Lewdness has no place in these RPs. If you want a character to resist someone else's advances etc. that's fine. Villains will be villains and the evil Lex Luthor will always want the audacious Lois Lane. Just be nice (and keep it clean). If you have any question, PM James or I.

(3) Sexual content also includes vulgar sexual terms/jokes/references.

Attendance: The Least amount of attendance allowed: Once or twice a week.

notes for attendance: We know life happens, fellow RP-ers. If you need to leave for a period of time (vaca, etc,) , let a Creator know. We aren't offended; but there's no excuse for lack of attendance and making people wait on you when you haven't told anyone. We only ask that you post once or twice a week and that's not a lot. We'd prefer more activity if possible.

god:modding: This is not allowed (unless in fun but not in a serious RPG). No making all-powerful characters that can't be beat. If it's something like Sephiroth, let us know your intention of the character being that strong and give it a weakness. No one likes to play a game they can never win.

Proper Writing: seriously boys and girls. Proper grammar, punctuation, sentence structure. Take pride in your work. You're writing an adventure with someone.

kindness: your characters can fight to their hearts content and yell at each other all day; but it be respectful of the members themselves and it might not hurt to let the member know that the character's hurtful comments and railings are just who they are and it is not personally directed at the member. Be encouraging of one another. Be supportive.

clarity: Have a question? After your post, or your post itself, whenever you are talking outside of 'the character', put the letters OOC: text here END OOC. This means 'Out Of Character'.

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