Best Fights in Hajime no Ippo *SPOILER WARNING*
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Posted 6/23/15
I have been getting back in the Hajime no Ippo mood after seeing some of the newer chapters, and I was wondering what some people's favorite fight from the series were.

The top five for me are as follows:
1. Takamura vs Bryan Hawk: this was the first time we got to see Takamura go all out against an opponent in the ring and it was an amazing fight, that sucked me in from the beginning.
2. Ippo vs Date: this fight was Ippo's biggest learning experience of the series and it was the first time we got to see Ippo have a great Title bout.
3. Date vs Martinez (Second fight): I thought this earned third place not for how exciting the match was but more for what it meant for the series, also this was one of those rare fights where I had no idea who would win from the start.
4. Ippo vs Sendo (Second fight): Ippo's second chance at the belt, was definitely one of the greatest fights in Ippo but I felt that it went on slightly too long.
5. Kimura vs Mashiba: this was an important fight for Kimura's career and because of this fight we got to see the Dragon Fish Blow, this fight doesn't deserve five but I have spent too much time think about this already so I chose one that I enjoyed.

Hope to see your opinions on what are the best/favorite fights in Hajime no Ippo!
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Posted 6/24/15 , edited 6/24/15
1. Ippo vs Sendo 2nd fight. This was not only the greatest fight in Hajime no ippo, but one of the best fights ive seen in anime. After seing the opener to that fight i was so surprised i had to go out and take a walk with a big smile on my mouth. And then theres the big psychological battle for Ippo as the middle, which leads up to a great combo to end it.
2. Takamura vs Hawk
3. Ippo vs Sawamura
4. Ippo vs Date
5. Ippo vs Mashiba
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Posted 6/24/15
1. Ippo vs Sawamura
2. Takamura vs Hawk
3. Kamogawa vs Anderson
4. Sawamura vs Mashiba
5. Ippo vs Date
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Posted 6/29/15 , edited 6/29/15
1. Ippo vs Sawamura-Bar none! Sawamura was hyped to be Ippo's toughest opponent(except Date) and he did not disappoint. The angle of good vs evil, the build up, Ippo being pissed for the first time....made this #1 imo.

2. Takamura vs Hawk/Eagle-Both fights are epic in that Takamura has to go all out. Takamura nearly losing in both but winning due to guts alone.

3, Kimura vs Mashiba-One of those fights that really give a bitter sweet feeling considering that Kimura would've won if he only was conscious for about 4-5 more seconds. Its a shame that we might not ever get to see this Kimura ever again except at the end of the manga. If Mashiba wasn't champion, Kimura would've been for sure! I'm surprised they didn't do a rematch. What's even more interesting is that Mashiba still acknkowledges that besides Ippo, that Kimura was his toughest opponent( and was a bit bummed that Kimura lost in the recent Class A Tournament. Its a shame Kimura didn't stay as a rival for Mashiba.

4. Ippo vs Sendo II-Lalapalooza says it all! Toe to toe action, loved the fight but liked the others slightly more.

5. Ippo vs Vorg-I feel this fight is very underrated. This fight had head to head action and was technical at a few points. Plus no boxer has caused Ippo more damage than the Vorg fight did. He was in the hospital for a couple of days.
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Posted 6/29/15 , edited 6/29/15
1. Ippo vs Sawamura- There was so much hype going into the fight and Sawamura didn't disappoint. Sawamura pushed Ippo so much with skill and the cheating and seeing Ippo persevere and overcome his toughest title challenge was in my opinion the best fight for Ippo.

2. Volg vs Mike Elliot- Another amazing battle involving lots of skill and lots of tenacity. I think Volg truly transcended himself in this fight. He overcame Mike Elliot's incredible skill and the corner paying off the referee and won the world title before any of his friends in Japan. I think I was more happy to see Volg win the world title than seeing Ippo win the Japan title.

3. Mashiba vs Sawamura- The level of skill shown in this fight by both Mashiba and Sawamura in the first two rounds was amazing. And once they started fouling each other it went from an entertaining battle of skill to an entertaining battle of heart. The ending of this fight legitimately scared me for Sawamura's life. Plus, even though Sawamura was so unscrupulous it was nice to see him win the title.

4. Ippo vs Sendo 1- I enjoyed the second fight, but the first fight is more special to me because of how surprising Sendo was as a challenger. Sendo showed such so much heart in that fight and in my opinion pushed Ippo more than any of the other fights before him.

5. Date vs Ricardo Martinez- Such an amazing display of heart by Date and it really made me like Date as a character. The level of improvement and skill Date showed was great, but it was so entertaining seeing just how far ahead of everyone Ricardo is.
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