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facts on why we enjoy certain animes.. conversations
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Posted 6/25/15
Things I Love About Anime:
- Good Slice-of-Life
- Romantic relationships with people that grow closer together as they spend time with each other
- Characters making choices about who to spend time with and who to fall in love with.
- Men who know the basics of how to take care of themselves (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.)
- Loving and non-traditional family dynamics.
- Beautiful background artwork.
- Good guys finding love because they are good guys.

Things I Hate About Anime:
- Fan-service episodes that add nothing to plot or character development (about half of all beach episodes, for instance)
- Sexual Assault, especially when it's consequence free.
- Gender-role stereotyping (gotta make lunch for your man if you want him to love you... uh, please)
- Mixing titillation with violence.
- Excessive panty-shots
- Illogical action sequences
- Love-at-first sight with complete assholes (I'll never understand why this is a shoujo thing--although, to be fair, it's more common in manga than anime.)
Posted 6/25/15
Well, I enjoy a lot of things, but the things that resonate with me are:

True slice of life (with virtually no plot)
Lighthearted atmosphere
Lovable characters
Life lessons
The theme of "everyday miracles"
Magic, whimsy, or capriciousness

Generally, I dislike

Drama and melodrama
Gritty or dark themes
Arrogant characters
Needlessly philosophical or psychological subject matter.
High school romance
Any romance with more characters than a love triangle

However, there are glaring exceptions in both areas. Essentially, I can watch almost any type of show and enjoy it. That's just a list of what constitutes shows that I love and what constitutes shows i'm inclined to dislike. Think resonance and damping more than strict like and dislike.
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Posted 6/25/15
I love the hand drawn animation cels of old Mecha anime. Just look at the older Gundam's and their amazing art and animation.

Mecha from the 1980's had an absurd production value. The easy-animation of CGI doesn't really compare.
Otter Modder
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Posted 1/26/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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